Synopsis & Video: Pipe Masters Day 8

posted by / News / December 16, 2010


Billabong Pipeline Masters Day 8 Synopsis:

  • Surfers endure flatness and storm as waiting period ticks away. Boredom and impatient anxiety take hold. Mostly boredom. Overhead swell on Wednesday finally cues dual-heat format and the completion of Rounds 3-5.
  • In Round 3, Owen Wright drops Parko, who can now only lose the Triple Crown to Ace Buchan. Ace must make the final to heist Joel’s third straight VTCS crown. Thrilling!
  • Kelly Slater clips John (um….John?) Florence in Round 3, then scores a 10 in Round 4, and now faces Ace in the quarters. Drama!
  • Dusty Payne waits until the second hand reads single digits in his heat against Mick Fanning, then sprinkles Dusty Dust on a Backdoor tube, gets housed for 9.87, climbs out from the combo pit, eliminates Mick from the Triple Crown race, requalifies for the 2011 World Tour, and saves team manager/mentor Dave Riddle from stress-induced medical disaster (a stroke, probably) in one fell swoop. Magical!
  • Dusty goes on to lose in Round 5 to Kieren Perrow, 17.90 to 17.67. Dave Riddle expected to make a full recovery. Relief!
  • Steph Gilmore continues to horde trophies, taking out the single-heat Dual for the Jewel — which replaced the Billabong Pro Maui as the Triple Crown’s third female event in 2010 — as well as the Triple Crown race itself. Greed!
  • Dane Reynolds is still in the contest. Mild interest!
  • A champion will be crowned today. Watch here live!



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  • jayonetooth

    jeremy flores is a douche

  • Mik

    Jeremy Flores is a Pipe Masters Champion. And his reputation is rising…

  • The Man

    Not to beat a dead horse, but can anyone tell me how/why in the Hell Damo got so lowballed on his last wave against Dane in Round 5. ASP/Billabong won’t even show it on the heat highlight. Slats and Dorian both said he was underscored and the whole beach was shocked. No one is talking about it??? Not that its SUCH a big deal but just kinda lame. Might be a good story for ING to do. WHy the ASP judging is so F@CKing political.