Synopsis & Video: Pipe Masters Final Day

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Billabong Pipeline Masters Final Day Synopsis:

  • Kelly Slater mows down Ace Buchan in the quarters. Ace — last soldier standing against Parko’s Triple Crown war machine — goes down in a hail of proverbial lead. Parko takes third straight VTCS title, a feat shared only by Sunny G. Dynasty!
  • Dane Reynolds tries a pretty big air at Backdoor. Modern!
  • Jeremy Flores “Slaters” Slater in the semis. Or maybe, Kelly Slater “Taylor Knoxes” Jeremy. The two trade 9’s and Kelly leads with priority, and is guaranteed to win the heat and event. We think. But the script goes all Coen Brothers when Kelly lets a wave go by and Jeremy turns it into victory. Plot twist!
  • Dane waits until five minutes remain to log his only ride against Kieren Perrow in their semi. Yawn!
  • Kieren vs. Jeremy in the finals of the Pipeline Masters. Odd couple!
  • Kieren, perennial Backdoor/OTW boss, comboes Jeremy and then loses when Jeremy pulls his now-familiar trump card: a last-minute righthand surprise package for 9.37. Crickets!
  • Jeremy Flores, former child prodigy, gets his first WT victory after four long years, leaving a trail of fallen celebrities in his wake. The monkey climbs down from Jeremy’s back, the voices in his ear go silent. he has earned this. Redemption!





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  • jeremy

    soo tired of the claiming after every single effing wave

  • LP

    Hi Stuart Cornuelle. It’s Jeremy Flores’s 4th season on the WCT/WT so I’m not sure what you’re refering too when you mention 7 long years… I can imagine each season must feel pretty long for pro-surfers on the road for 10 months a year but when they’re young & having pretty decent results (which was the case for Jeremy Flores the last 6 years, apart from 2009 maybe), I would believe they’re also having fun. Anyway, I like the way your synopsis style to recap the final day of the Pipe Master 2010. Cheers to Kieren Perrow! It would also have been nice to see him winning the Pipe Master after the show he puts every winter at OTW…

  • Mik

    So, this is Surfing’s commentary on the final day of the Pipeline Masters, in memory of Andy Irons, 2010? This reads like an essay by a High School student who wrote a book report on a book he didn’t read. Next year send me. I guarantee you’ll get a inside story that will accurately reflect the drama of what went down—and up. For this year, one thing’s for sure. The door for European surfers has been slammed open. Jeremy Flores, who has been seen charging heavy barrels all year in Indo, and elsewhere, has stunned the top ten… Again. He rolled through Ian Walsh, CJ Hobgood, Ace Buchan, Taj Burrow, Kelly Slater, and finally Kieren Perrow, whose real talent comes out in heavy barrels. This was an event that changed everything for the EU surf community, and it was awesome to watch.

  • Jason Miller

    Hi Mik!

    Great points. Here’s another: Synopsis: a brief summary or general survey of something; an outline of the plot of a book, play, movie, or episode of a television show.

    But you’re right to raise a flag; not to worry, there’s more on the way. Thanks for watchdogging

  • Ryan Gamma

    Jason… Excellent response!!

    Mik… Monumental for the EU community,YES…. but not sure if it will change anything.

    oh and Jeremy actually lost to Ace in Rd4, just doin my own watchdogging…

    good luck next year!

  • albert

    Check this interview with 2x Pipe Master Larry Blair