Taj Burrow Wins The 2013 Hurley Pro

posted by / News / September 18, 2013

Taj Burrow, 2013 Hurley Pro at Lowers champ. Photo: Sherm

Taj Burrow, 2013 Hurley Pro at Lowers champ. Photo: Sherm

After all these years, it’s hard to believe that Taj Burrow has never won an event at Lowers. Frankly, it’s like hearing that Hugh Hefner is still a virgin. But today, in the lucky year of 2013, Taj finally won Trestles after being on tour since ’98. He looked sharp all event, but Julian Wilson appeared to be the favorite heading into the grand finale. Julian stuck multiple rotations in that final, but it seemed like every time he stood up, a set would pop up for Taj out the back. Still, it was neck and hairy gorilla neck for the two Australians. TB got his scores — an 8.67 and an 8.40 — by stringing together powerful turns on the right parts of the right waves. The judges decided that they liked this more than they liked Julian’s playful air-reverses and so they passed the champagne over to Taj once and for all.

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2 Responses to “Taj Burrow Wins The 2013 Hurley Pro”

  1. Trevor says:

    Looks like those man massages paid off

  2. BornStoked says:

    Red Bull – 1
    ASP – 0

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