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Woodshed Films premiered Come Hell or High Water, Keith Malloy’s new bodysurf film, when we were in New York this month. Rad.

Bodysurfing is something we wholeheartedly endorse — keeps you fit, keeps you wet, keeps you from getting one-dimensional, Saran-wrapped to your standard thruster.

Our friends at Nixon and Patagonia share the vision, which is why they’re big backers of Keith and his film — and they want to get you out into the shorebreak, no boards attached.


YOUR PROJECT: Dig up or go shoot your best shorebreak photo — of you or by you, in the tube, whatever, just no surfboards — and email it to stuart (at) by Friday, October 7.


YOUR COMPENSATION: Our favorite shorepound photo gets the complete bodysurfer’s toolkit:

    1 Nixon Housing Watch, a digital tide watch pre-programmed with 200 beach locations worldwide
    1 Come Hell or Highwater movie poster, signed by both Keith Malloy and Mark Cunningham
    1 Pair Da Fin Fins, signed and customized by Mark Cunningham
    1 Enjoy Handplane, customized and refurbished completely from recycled materials
    1 Seapod Handplane Bag made with vintage and repurposed fabric


The film is now making its way up the West Coast on a screening tour (next one this Thursday, September 29 at the Lido Theatre in Newport Beach, CA — doors at 7:15, film rolls at 7:45). It’s recommended viewing for all cinephiles and those with salt in the veins. And for everyone else, ditch the board, grab a camera, and go surf the natural way. CLICK.


The Nixon Housing Watch — don’t put on fins without one.

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  • yeahguy

    is that a trailer or the whole movie? i cant really imagine and entire movie dedicated to body surfing. let me guess… a couple close outs in hawaii (prob pounders and a couple “secret spots”), the wedge (which, btw, footage from the wedge hasnt changed in almost 15 years) and then a few small crappy cold waves in the middle of no where, waves that wouldnt be much fun on a longboard.

    man i am bitter, no?

    how about body surfing chopes or mavericks or that slab in brasil? i cant really seem to get pumped on this stuff or that stuff by that kai kid, lets be honest, its pretty bad. who remembers what it is was like to watch goodtimes or volumptous?

  • Stewart

    Maybe the section at CHOPES that Cunningham and Stewart are in will shut your trap.

  • yeahguy

    Yes… that would do the trick. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, because that sounds very intriguing.

  • VanMelum

    Ah…@yeahguy showing the oversimplification of anything is boring. For example:

    I can’t really imagine watching an entire movie about Led Zeppelin. They play some songs, some girls scream, then they get old.

    I can’t really imagine watching an entire movie about Porn. This guy sticks his dick there, that girl spreads her legs here, then I get sweaty and tired.

    I can’t really imagine living an entire life. There’s some laughter, some crying, then I die.


  • Kung Fu Panda

    So, who won the photo contest?

  • JGZ

    I think body surfing rad and this movie kicks ass