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THE HUB 10/12/09
The REBEL TOUR is Dead — Long Live The REBEL TOUR! edition
Like we ever really thought that thing would happen

Rebel Tour Dead” — Changes in the ASP,25197,26196908-2722,00.html
“We’d been working on some of the things for a number of years, but we were motivated to move quicker.” Uh, yeah.

Mick and Kieren Break Down the Ch-ch-changes
“The WQS guys are not going to be on struggle street for the rest of their lives.” —Mick Fanning

Go on, just ask Mick.
From Mick’s Twitter: “Got a question re ASP World Tour and the announcement of changes for 2010? Hit me with it.”

A Message from Our Sponsors
This is what Surfing Magazine thinks of your “Rebel Tour.”

David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel” Live
Don’t really click on this link. Seriously. Don’t. It’s porn. Don’t.

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  • http://NA RangerDanger

    What’s up with Kitten Wars? I was all angry when I first clicked on that link, then I spent about 15 minutes playing that stupid game. Damn. What happened?

  • mic

    love the photo a jet ski where it belongs,
    boom go home,