The last days of Castles in the Sky

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Taylor Steele

Taylor Steele’s next travel epic is almost ready.

By Nathan Myers

Taylor Steele has to shield his eyes. “My god, what is that light?” he says.

“That’s the sun,” I explain. “That’s where God lives.”

“Is that what it is?” he says. “It’s so bright.”

Taylor’s flesh is moldy. His eyes are bloodshot. He stinks of taurine, glucuronolactone and Bintang. And the movie is finally finished.

Well…not finished finished, but finished enough to go surfing. So that’s what we’re doing. Taylor grabs a Slater-shaped Wizard Sleeve, jumps onto a motorcycle and heads down to his local reef a few hundred yards away while the computer screen where his eyes have lived the past five weeks blinks with that magic/awful word: “RENDERING.” I grab a Gary McNeill “Bollywood” board — inspired by watching Rasta surfing one in India — and choke on his dust.

I’m afraid he might drown.

The title “Castles in the Sky” refers to dreaming of something unreachable… which pretty well describes Taylor’s recent workload. Castles has been three years in the making, including extensive travel to Iceland, Vietnam, Africa, Peru and India with surfers like Dave Rastovich, Rob Machado, Craig Anderson, Dane Reynolds and Jordy Smith. The film is a natural evolution of his Sipping Jetstreams vision, but (having just sat in on a preview) I’d say this one comes off a bit edgier and has better surf. There’s great wipeouts, magnificent indigenous beauty and an over-all ambience of travel stoke.

Everything you’d expect from Sipping…and a bit more. The movie will come out with copious behind-the-scenes materials, a soundtrack recorded by surfers like Timmy Curran and Dan Malloy, and travel journals created by Dane Reynolds, Rob Machado and Dion Agius.

If all that wasn’t enough to do, Steele’s also been finishing another film with  called Melali: The Drifter Sessions, which basically revives all the surfing not used in The Drifter with an original score by Machado and Jon Swift’s new Drifter-tour band The Moldy Manatees. Turns out, an amazing amount of great surfing was cut from Drifter to maintain Rob’s “solo” vibe in that movie, including sessions with Dan Malloy, Shane Dorian, Timmy Curran, Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds. The DVD contains a few versions of the film, one with the band playing the score live (like a concert vid) and one with lots of dreamy Indo footage that fell onto the hard-drive floor during Drifter edits.

While I’m aware this is starting to sound like a Poor Specimen commercial, I should mention that Steele’s also been running Innersection in the midst of all this edit madness. The next round starts a few days before the first Castles premier. Fun fun.

You should see his office. Maps and hard drives. Cameras and tripods. Mags and energy drinks. Souvenirs from Africa, Peru and India. Surfboards from Taj Burrow, Dane Reynolds and Andy Irons on the wall. Travel books. IPods. Maps. Journals. Photos. A grease board on the wall lists sections, songs, edits, alongside a bunch of Taylor’s signature cartoon doodles. The place is chaos. A full-on war bunker…after the bomb hit it.

That’s why his skin all peels off when he finally hits the water. His arms are wobbly little noodles and he forgot to put wax on his board. All the boys in the lineup say, “Hey Taylor, you’re back. Where did you go?”

Taylor says, “Go? Huh? What?”

“You’ve been out of town, right?”

“Town? Huh? Where?”

The bright light is still confusing him. All the colors. The feel of real-life ocean water. He’s not used to being outside. And maybe he shouldn’t get too cozy. The film still needs to be color corrected, sound engineered, box-setted and premier partied…the first of which is on May 4th in New York, “the city that never sleeps.” (Wonder why he chose that place?)

Despite his edit atrophy, Taylor’s muscle memory is still pretty good. He bags a set wave right away and goes flying down the line. As he runs through a series of turns and carves, it’s clear his edit-brain still back in the studio: Off the lip = “did I get Dion’s voice-overs yet?” Cutback = “did we remember to swap out Losness’s train scene?” Floater = “has Dane turned in his journal yet?”

Then the wave closes out and I see a glimpse — just a brief flash — of Taylor starting to dream up the next project. The guy clearly can’t help himself.

He’s almost done, and he’s just getting started.

Watch the trailer here.

Taylor Steele Editing.Taylor Steele Editing.

Taylor Steele in India.Taylor Steele in India.

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  • Dustin Ellison

    You captured the mood Nathan, from the screen to the surf. Glad you were able to pull him out of his cave… for at least one session. So driven!

  • Dave O’Neill

    Can’t wait to see this. My copy of Sipping Jetstreams is worn out from so many viewings. Time for an update.

  • Betty Steele

    I can’t wait to see it!

  • O Boy

    Is there a story to this film or just more cool waves with great surfers.

  • Dane Losen

    about time lets do this!

  • James

    Super pumped to see this Taylor!

  • joe

    oh boy! another crappy taylor steele video. his stuff has zero soul, staying power, storyline and won’t be watched more than once by whomever is dumb enough to buy it! surf videos are stuck in a rutt!

  • Travis Ferre

    Joe, are you serious? Sipping Jetstreams was one of the most refreshing films to come out in a long time. Cant’ wait to see what Taylor’s cooked up for us on Castles. The trips they went on were filled with arduous travel and adventure and the waves were all good. It’s going to be epic.

  • Joe is a kook

    Dear Joe (blow),
    Before you spout shit like that you have to learn how to surf first…..kook

  • jordie

    Now Joe you obviously don’t make films of any sort, nor do have a desire to travel, and you sure don’t have any manners. If you have nothing good to say don’t speak. I suggest you just go buy a movie with only surfing to satisfy your lack of a sense for adventure.
    I can’t wait to see this film, Sipping Jetstreams is simply put the best movie of it’s kind and since i saw the writeup on the Iceland trip i have been waiting rather impatiently to sea what kind of masterpiece Taylor Steel creates this time.

  • Look Angle

    I am looking forward to seeing this new surf film. It sounds like the waves and surfing will be epic…wondering what the music will be like?

  • erez

    Is someone know where is it in india? Is it accecible?