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Sion at work. Photo: Flindt

Sion at work. Photo: Flindt

Sion at home. Photo: Ryan Foley

Sion at home. Photo: Ryan Foley

Sion at play. Photo: Lawrence

Sion at play. Photo: Lawrence


Milosky Mettle

Last year SURFING magazine and Vans collaborated to bring you the North Shore Underground, a season-long event that highlighted some of Hawaii’s best, underexposed talent. The clear standout among the stellar crew was Sion Milosky, a 36-year-old metalworker, husband and father. Sion seemed to be on the best waves of every swell at Pipeline, the Outer Reefs and Jaws, while still managing to run a business and take his daughters to school. He won the North Shore Underground after a unanimous vote, and he could not have been more appreciative. Then tragically, on his second trip to Maverick’s in March 2011, Sion drowned while having one of the best sessions of his life.

To honor Sion and celebrate his life, SURFING and Vans are teaming up again, this time to present the first annual Milosky Mettle (“mettle” meaning courage and strength of character). The award will be given to the surfer who best embodies the legacy left by Sion — commitment to aloha, ohana, and surfing performance — during the 2011/2012 North Shore season. A panel of North Shore locals, industry leaders and the Milosky family* will decide the winner, who will be awarded $5,000** and a handcrafted medal.

While the season’s biggest swells will be key factors in determining contenders for the award, history tells us to be on the lookout for guys like Kohl Christensen, Danilo Cuoto, Mike Pietsch and Ben Wilkinson. These guys work hard on land, treat people well and truly thrive when the ocean is big and wild.

Stay tuned to for photos, videos and interviews with the contenders — whenever the North Pacific decides to wake from its slumber.

*Suzi Milosky, Sion’s wife, is also holding a grassroots contest called the Steep and Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge, to reward the surfer and photographer that link up for the best wave of the winter at Pipe.

**A matching contribution will be made to the Sion Milosky Memorial Fund

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  • Buttercup

    How could this be the “first annual” event when the 1st event hasn’t even finished or even started? You could use the word “annual” next year on the 2nd one but not this year. How do you know this event will run annualy? For all we know Vans could pull the plug on it next season. Then it won’t be an “annual” event: right? 1st annual…….you guys are idiots!

  • Ryan

    Wow Buttercup. Is that seriously what you took away from this story. You are the idiot.
    Well done Vans and Surfing for getting together to honour.

  • Jeremy H.

    Butterbutt, are you serious? How good it must make you feel to correct someone’s English anonymously.

  • Lane Junkie

    Dear Butterbutt – Naming the very first event as “annual” simply communicates the intention of the directors for this to be an annual event. I wonder how many hold downs it took to get your head that far up your ass.

  • Rob

    Hey Buttercup…you need to take your comment and shove it up your ass! I bet you can’t even surf so keep your mouth shut! Fucking idiot.

  • Eimnidiot

    Here’s the cite from the Associated Press Stylebook, which explains why — whatever your personal opinion on this — you should refrain from using “first annual” in any submission to a news organization:

    “An event cannot be described as annual until it has been held in at least two successive years. Do not use the term first annual. Instead, note that sponsors plan to hold an event annually.”

    If you are having a private event, call it anything you wish. If you want publicity through media, call it “inaugural” in order to be taken seriously.

  • Hans

    Wow Rob, you sound so angry at other people. Do you need to take an anger management class? I’d imagine you’re the dildo that can’t even surf. My guess is you’re some bonehead from the valley that surfs a fun board on weekends!! Am I right?

    And what Buttercup and Eimnidiot says is true. It’s not the 1st annual until it’s been held in at least two successive years. Seriously, how could it be annual if it hasn’t happened yet?

    So it looks like you and Surfing mag are the idiots!

  • Raychelberger

    Im pretty sure that you guys are totally missing the point! Who the hell cares about the correct words and grammer to use. This event is to honor a truely awesome human being with a character unmatched by professional surfers. Get a life people and try to appreciate what Surfer Mag and Vans is doing by creating this event. Geese! I can just hear Si laughing at all of you for being ridiculous!

  • Matt

    I am a family friend of Sion, I am so pissed reading these comments. You guys are missing the point. How disrespectful of you to try and correct these guys on their grammar or proper use of “annual”. So lame that you miss the point of honoring Sion and recognizing other awesome individuals in and out of the water with your negative crap. Go somewhere else, just not to the North Shore please.

  • aimee

    so much neg. on one word “annual”, it’s about “live like sion” and you guys that are talking about “bonehead valley surfer” and with a name like “buttercup” donate some money to the family, his kids, maybe come out to hawaii and hang out with his two little girls, there awsome and if you can surf pipe enter and win $5,000. doesn’t hurt to try, and that’s what sion did. So aloha to you buttercup and hans and eimnidiot and rob and lane junkie and jeremy and ryan…..LIVE LIKE SION…..

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  • Matt

    awaiting moderation?

  • Jimmy G

    It is a shame that you negative people completely missed the point. Si was an amazing human that is for sure. I did get bummed at first with all lame rhetoric until I read ray’s comment. Si would be laughing at you so hard!!!! And I know he is. Next time you are in the ocean, close you eyes and open your heart/brain and hopefully you can feel Sion’s spirit.

  • Botz

    What a bunch of kooks commenting on grammatical technicalities. remember to have respect for si. His girls. And be thankful someone was crazy enough to push the envelope as far as he did. One last thing….nocomekauai.

  • AEgir

    I was at Mavs… It was late in the day. cold, gray and lumpy. Sion was taking off super deep on waves that were doubled and tripled up with multiple steps and making it. Backside. The vibe in the water was celebratory. Everyone was stoked.

    You have to LOVE big waves to surf mavs like he did. I say hats off to vans and surfing for giving an award to other surfers that LOVE like Sion.

  • kauaiph

    Sion was a legend, both during his life and now.

  • Gracefull

    So proud! If there is anyone that loved and lived fully in their life it was Sion! He was and is an amazing inspiration so “We” don’t celebrate annually live like Sion we celebrate DAILY! Every time you get out there whether you are a big wave surfer or a beginner that’s just learning because you were inspired by Sion, he would have accepted you with open arms. Sion never judged the way these comments have. He loved and lived fully. Suzi, girls, we love you guys and support you! Excited to see both the Milosky Mettle and Steep and Deep come to be a tradition in our community!

  • Fábio Dutra

    The point is: DANILO, CONGRATS BRO!
    For your old friends since childhood in Brazil it is nothing new to hear people saying how a cool person you are… However, the level you reached surfing Big waves is speechless!
    Abraço da Galera do Solar!