The Paddle for Andy

posted by / News / November 3, 2010

News of Andy Irons’ death tore through both tours at the Rip Curl Pro Search in Puerto Rico yesterday. The surfers staged a memorial paddle-out at Middles, which Sherm was gracious enough to capture and share.

Photos by Steve Sherman


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  • antony gallegos

    never met him but felt as if i knew him. only a hand full of surfers could be called artists on the water he was one of the blessed. endured his struggles and shared his triumphs. i miss him more than i can say. tears are down my face as i write. i hope we share some waves on the other side.

  • Scott

    Andy was clearly one of the best surfers of his generation. I’m sadden so deeply about this loss despite not being a huge fan of his. Certainly I have always respected his talents. This is such a tragedy to lose someone of his stature at this point in his life, professionally and more importantly personally. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  • christine hemminger

    I am deeply saddened. Being a surfer myself, I grew up reading about and watching andy and his brother bruce charging waves. He will be truly missed. I send my love and prayers out to his family and friends.

  • ruben cedeño

    andy iron..sentir la partida de ti hermano es muy triste..hermano tengo ganas de que estuvieras aun aqui se donde estas espero que sea en un lugar lindo donde estes feliz..andy te quiero mucho..adios..y aloha…..

  • 808surf

    Andy’s positive energy this year was so great to watch. I enjoyed every minute of it. From his newly found form at the Nike Lowers contest, to the joy of victory at Teahupoo, Andy was doing it this year. As the Hobgoods said, legends never die.

  • Robert Lombard

    Andy was one of the surfers that inspired me to start surfing at the age of 62.
    May his family and friends find peace with this lost and remember Andy is now surfing with the angels.

  • sergio

    Andy you are the best!

  • Jose

    Clearly remember the day I became an A.I. fan. Scanning the pages of a Surfer’s Journal I came upon a shot of Andy (in a black wetsuit) casually arching into a bottom turn at a daunting French beachbreak. Being close to his age I watched Andy through his career. His battles with Slater will live in surfing infamy. Although- like many- I never met him, I’m still deeply saddened by his passing. For those of us who witnessed Andy’s career…. don’t forget to pass those memories to the younger generations. I send my respects to Andy’s family and pray for their well-being through these tough times. RIP Andy!

  • Fabian lora

    I can’t think of how it must feel to lose a brother, friend, son and such a blessed soul of a surfer. I don’t get to surf with my brothers to much but I can’t imagine not ever surfing with them again. You will be missed but not forgotten . We love you Andy .

  • Marcelo Imbituba

    everyone in Brazil loves you! go in peace, god bless you!

  • ricardo

    For me Andy´s not dead he still lives on all surf movies that I have with him surfing. My deepest condolences to all A.I.´s family and friends they´re the ones suffering right now.All the best for them !

  • Caleb Howard

    I will always remember Andy as the guy who could beat Kelly, that was the day where everybody realized they had a chance to be a world champ and that Kelly was not invincible. He was the only one who could show that to others. I’ll miss you andy have fun riding the epic barrels of paradise.

    a sincere fan who misses you

  • leo

    we are deeply in tears down here in Brazil.

    Sending prayers for the Irons family…



  • Isaias Freitas

    Andy was the only surfer to ever show Kelly a real defeat. I’ll never forget that final heat in Pipe against Kelly, where a win would mean the world title, and he did win the heat coming from behind to be crowned a world champion again. Thank you for that Andy and all of your surfing that all of us will miss…

  • Tom Chacon

    Called my buddy Don this morning who lives in HB California I heard the waves were up. When he told me the news about Andy, I feel I had to write something.I come from the surfing era of the 70s and 80s and traveled surfing Mexico,and Central America with my best friends as like you have surfed with Andy.I just wanted to Lift up Andy and all of you that were close to him.Wow the impact he made on the world of surfing, even to me I feel hes deep Love for all of us.

    God Bless, Andy forever, See ya Andy, keep smiling down on us.

  • Ryan

    Surfing has lost a legend…Never Forget Andy Irons

    Relax In Paradise

  • Gianni , Italy

    Addio Andy, sei stato un grande. Il surf sarà ben diverso senza te.

  • mikalgorta

    I would want to express my condolences and thoughs to Andy’s family and also to Lindy…one of the best surfers in the world..has gone.I surf today and catched some good waves in Andy’s honor…please go out everybody and catch a wave in his honor!! Great Andy rest in peace…I will never forget you!

  • Eduardo

    We want to address that Puerto Rico is a safe place to visit, this could happen to anyone, as a matter of fact, some pros came sick from Portugal, so the problem is not on our beautiful little island. We are really sad and so sorry for Andy loss our thoughts are with all his family, the surfing world will never be the same, lets remember him, by whom he was, because people that lives on our heart never die!

    Peace from Puerto Rico!

  • David Alves

    Unfortunate that the World surf legend Andy Irons has died. I always thought it the largest and best surfer of all time. Since childhood he always was watching the racing world by turning surfs. The guy just walked over the waters. Maximum respect to Andy Irons. forever in my memory. ♥

    Words of a young Brazilian by the crazed suicidal style of surfing legends Andy Irons.

  • Bobanandez

    Just when he was mentally and spiritually at his peak, when he had come to peace with himself, the competition, more focused on enjoying surfing and being a father……. being myself a 39 year old surfer, makes you respect and admire the older guys on the tour, cause I know how hard it gets…… and understand the phases of life. Made me really sad to hear about this, still is hard to think about his family and friends…… he´ll be an inspiration to many people around the world for years to come……..



  • betinho

    We are going to have a paddle out today 05/11 here in Bali at Kuta beach check more, if you are in Bali come and join us