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posted by / News / August 23, 2013

How much would you pay to surf this with four other people? The question is no longer hypothetical. Photo: Jimmicane
How much would you pay to surf Lowers with five other guys out? This question is no longer hypothetical. Photo: Jimmicane


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You’ve probably heard people mutter the same mantra at the sight of nearly every world tour stop from Pipe to Snappers to Cloudbreak to Lowers: “God, how sick would it be to have this place to yourself?” OK, maybe not for Rio, but the answer at almost any one of those breaks is, undeniably, yes. It would be sick.

But would you pay for that chance? If so, Hurley’s calling your bluff this year at Lowers. They are auctioning off five spots for the 30-minute expression session going down between the semis and the finals. Which means, it could very well be firing. The money goes to charity, though, so you’d not only get to surf one of the most rippable waves on Earth, with only five guys out, but you’d be racking up some karma points, too.

To enter, it’s just like a silent auction. The starting bid is $1000 and all the money goes to the San Onofre Foundation. Bidding begins Monday, August 26 and runs through Wednesday, September 4. Hurley actually automatically put Rob Machado in — paid their thousand bucks — and he’s the one seeded guy, while the other five slots are open, it being a six-man heat. But it’s a completely open field and absolutely anyone can bid.

But just how much would someone pay to surf uncrowded Lowers? Mind you, it will be on live webcast with millions of people watching. Whatever that figure might be, hopeful bidders better work the kinks out of their frontside wraps. —Beau Flemister

You can place your bid here or text the word “Hurley” to 52182.

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  • Jimmy Provalone

    Jimmy Provolone will be there

  • David Venturi

    Pfffft. We poor surfers strugglin’ to make a buck ain’t got a chance.

  • David Venturi

    Instead, they should raffle off the spots so EVERYBODY has a chance at it. Sorry for the double post.

  • Asa

    Highest bidder? Oh great, it’s gonna 5 richie rich kooks on longboards or SUP’s, (actually, that’d be awesome, they crowd would love it.)

  • yeah guy

    Its a write for them… This is a great idea.

  • Cat man

    Nobody wants to see me surf. Not even me….

  • sizz

    I’d pay $2000 for that one in the picture

  • Mike Anderson

    Padang yes, lowers no, but great idea yes.. Love it..

  • Brazzo 4 Life

    B4L will be there blowing up and showering Machado in buckets. The flag of Brazil will be raising high when B4L is standing top on victories podium. Encore will be Jihad Khodr taking out Slater in final.

    Brazzo 4 Life

  • Ono

    I agree with the raffle idea. Not because it’s fair but because it would generate more money. You get 100,000 guys to put in $10 a piece that’s a million bucks. To match that 5 guys would have to ante up $200,000 each. Not gonna happen…

  • nope

    Why would anyone spend $1000 (or more) for the privilege of surfing uncrowded Lowers when empty, world-class surf is an hour and a half away in Mexico? Silly. I’m not sure I would call the San Onofre Foundation a charity, either. Whatever. It’ll be fun to watch the fat, rich bastards bog on set waves, I guess.

  • anyone

    fools gold

  • Jake

    How perfect would it be if Dane bid on one and gave it to Cam.

  • Tim

    For a less than 1000$ I can get a round trip flight to Central America n score empty surf…Hope they don’t pay more than 2 G’s cause they coulda gone to the Mentawis haha

  • dang3rtown

    Point 1. To everyone here saying that Lowers isn’t that great and that you can get just as good but uncrowded waves down in MX… Nope. Lowers is an awesome wave, there’s no denying it. You’re not gonna get barreled but damn, it’s just such a ridiculously fun wave to surf. If there were a wave that good and that consistent on the Baja peninsula I would consider moving down there but there isn’t AND just about every really good wave in Baja is far from empty these days. This ain’t the 70’s folks, Mexicans like to surf and so does every bro in SD with a lifted tacoma.

    Point 2. The raffle idea is awesome. They should do that. It would completely solve point 3.

    Point 3. They should ban the “expression session” from the industry. No surf or apparel companies bidding on the spots to get some cheap advertising for their sponsored surfer.

    That is all. Wanna loan me $1000?

  • matt O’Brien

    I got to surf a heat or two in the 90’s during an NNS event and the waves were perfect. Still remember the experience clearly. It was as good as lowers gets and only 4 other guys in water. Well worth the $$ if you got it. Besides, the $$ is going to something good and useful, so unlike my NSSA memories from my childhood, this is actually a good deed. How can that not feel good. AND all those saying the wave isn’t worth or whatever – have you really ever scored a set wave to yourself (without dodging surfers AND their boards) at Lowers? It is un-freaking-believable!! I agree that somehow Cam Richards should get a spot. Maybe $1 or $2 from his facebook supporters AND Dane’s too would do the trick. Stoked Hurley is trying something different once again!

  • matt O’Brien

    **NSSA** event

  • chris eaves

    i surfed a heat with john john and two other people. well worth the entry fee for the nationals. i don’t know due to it being only five spots. it will be too much money for my broke ass but lowers is one of the best waves in the world especially with no one out. also they should give the money to save trestles.

  • george granger

    surfed it a few times better than that picture, by myself….too bad better than you will ever see….Mr G

  • Center Line

    Pay to get hassled at uncrowded Lowers. Probably the only place you can’t get triangled in a man on man heat. Garanteed hassling if it’s not man on man

  • Jim

    I like the fact that the funds will go to good local cause.
    BUT they got it all wrong if raising money and growing interest in the cause was the objective.
    It would be much better as a raffle, NOT AN AUCTION.
    Sell 50,000 tickets online through the Hurley Pro Site at $5 each, offer raffle players some info on the San Onofre Foundation and an opportunity to donate, have the raffle drawing and announce the winners live online, a week before the event start date all through the Hurley Pro Site .
    RESULT $250,000 plus raised awareness of the Foundation and lots more buzz and bang for their buck for the sponsor. Hurley !

  • Jim

    Great Idea.


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