The Tahitian Punch

posted by / News / August 11, 2013


There have been some interesting hands dealt in recent WCT wildcard stakes. Less than two weeks ago, Dane Reynolds and Cam Richards went tweet-for-tweet in their quests for a card into the Hurley Lowers Pro. Social media went berserk, Dane won and you’ve probably heard enough of that story. But just yesterday, in the dreamy blue waters of Tahiti, another wildcard crusade took a turn for the unusual. It came in the form of a flying fist.

In the Billabong Pro Tahiti trials, Jamie O’Brien was in pursuit of measly 3-point ride as the clock struck :30. A wave — an opportunity — arose and Ricardo dos Santos was having none of it. He too needed a score. Jamie O and Ricardo dos paddled-battled, with Ricardo getting the deeper end of the stick. Both surfers caught the wave and stood up and Jamie, in a bout of frustration, punched Ricardo in the face.

Jamie Foxx did not tweet about it.

Neither surfed walked away with the wildcard. Jamie later apologized, both personally and publicly, and Ricardo graciously accepted.

Some zealots might shout that this was a senseless act of violence literally at the hands of J.O.B. Others might scrutinize and stereotype R.D.S. for his paddle-battling. Some may even applaud this as the foundation for a bridge of the evidently close gap between MMA and surfing. But we are just happy that Brody Jenner didn’t get involved.

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  • ZB

    I think Jamien should be punished, with no participation in the Billabong Pipe Master 2013 and the upcoming trials in the Billabong Tahiti Pro. What was the punishment of ASP, and dos Santos was harmed by this aggression, he was disqualified…

  • KIWI

    Onya Jamie, Ricardo would’ve been asking for it, guaranteed.
    Wheres the photo/footage though? You know there was at least a dozen lenses on this…. all covered up by the Bong?


    Jamie punched him in the face while dropping in on him he gets an A

  • Ice Ice Baby

    my question is why didn’t dude fight back? hand JOB is not exactly a scary guy…

  • Michael

    Where is the video for this??

  • Ben

    Very poor sportsmanship. There are better ways to solve one’s problems. JOB’s stock plummets severely in my eyes.

  • G

    The fun never ends!! Let’s face it non-surfers think watching pro surfing is boring. The future is in wave pools which are enclosed. Cage Surfing. I’m a problem solver.

  • peter

    We are waiting an ASP pronouncement.what about if that happens to

  • Mike Anderson

    Jamie kind of looks like a hockey player..

  • Conrado

    Ricardo dos Santos is a great surfer and has a lot of humility,about JOB we can not say the same. I hope ASP to take an severe attitude this time because Brazil already been undermined other times, including in a final(Gabriel Medina vs Julian Wilson – Peniche 2012). Surf fans in Brazil are outraged!

  • Ice Ice Baby

    like a true child! if u dont get your way you throw a fit, duh

  • Chris

    this is haha funny. neither one wins the heat. why does JOB look so sad in the phot head bowed…eyes closed???

  • Scott

    Is pro surfing going to become a joke like hockey and become a game where grown men conduct brutal physical assaults on each other while the crowd cheers and the administrators of the sport overlook it or assess minor penalties?

  • Jonathan

    Seems to me that a certain someone should lay off the ol’ energy drink… and who punches people in the mouth anyway?

  • Carrozza Surfboards

    just pretty sad if you think about it. JOB is one of the most amazing surfers to watch. The dude can shred on anything, surf pretty much any type of wave with ease. But to see this happening makes his whole act kinda dumbed down. I know we all get frustrated some times in life but to grow from a frustrating situation you must step back and look at what you did wrong and simply not do that act again. To punch your competitor in the face in a non contact sport, simply because you have been bested is pretty sad.

  • Ethan

    Surfing is the most unprofessional individual sport on the planet… If that happened on any other sport it would’ve been severly punished, that’s happening way too often, and there’s always a hawaiian involved… Shame on you ASP

  • caio

    Ricardo dos Santos is very humble and professional..does JOB do the same ?

  • Hawaii

    wow, an over-aggressive Brazillian surfer, not surprised with J.O.B.’s reaction. J.O.B. rocks

  • TAB

    I wonder if the ASP would take this long to issue a statement and confirm punishment to JOB if he had punched another native-english speaker…


    First a turtle – NOW A CRAB!

  • Duckdive

    The story says they were both paddle battling. RDS beat him in the paddle battle. JOB punches him… in my book, that makes JOB a two time loser (though amazing surfer).
    The best thing about pro surfing is seeing the amazing waves they travel to. I could give a sh*t about a guy that acts like he should be on COPS or Dog. He gets paid to surf, but maybe his sponsors should send him to “life school” so he can learn how to be a real person.

  • Gil

    What a SHAME! ASP is a joke….. JOB should be punish for the rest of the year!!!!

  • Louis

    Shame on you Jamie. You lost the paddle battle and them you punch the guy? He should be punished by ASP. Hawaiians…

  • Jamie Foxx

    i would have punched that stupid Brazilian in the face too

  • Fernando

    Jamie O’Brien better never go to Brasil after that…

  • carlos

    These things only happen because the world tour ends in Hawaii, moreover, all free surfers and all the specialized media is focused on the Hawaiian season. This in a way gives power to the Hawaiian surfers playing with localism so cowardly. The ASP does not punish anti game practiced by Hawaiians. It’s a shame.

  • John

    This is just another example of another Hawaiian thug wannabe. Sick of hearing about Aloha and the friendly people of Hawaii. The surfers from the Islands are very poor examples for the rest of the people who live there and are gracious, happy, and peaceful. Guys like Sunny Garcia, douche bag members of Da Hui and the Wolf Pack, and now J.O.B. should be given zero respect or credibility.

  • ASP Judge

    GET OVER IT!!! It’s a surfer on surfer issue here. This has nothing to do with being a Brazilian or Hawaiian for that matter. This shit happens every day in the ocean, so quit sniveling you f’n b_tches! It just so happened that JOB was in the spot, RDS tried to out position him for the wave, which he did and got slapped like a b!tch for it. He deserved it! If it was the other way around, it would have been the same deal, but you wouldn’t be hearing a bunch of Hawaiians crying like b!tches over it. They’d laugh and say that he deserved it, so GET THE FU#K OVER IT BRAZILIANS! It’s not a racist deal! It’s surfer/surfer!

  • Julien

    Who are those two clowns? Do they matter?
    oh wait, both are losers!!
    Well done to Alain and Anthony for getting the wild cards!

  • Nicolas

    One day they will realise that localism is so stupid! Doesnt matter if your are local or not you must have respect for one and other. I tell you what one day ASP will wake up! Sponsors will wake up too!

  • jay adams

    sounds like JOB was in the spot and the Brazillian guy burned him by taking off behind him …(is that possible in a surf contest ? ) either way the guy pretty much showed no respect and got slapped for it ..Im not saying it was right but contest surfing brings that side out in people …You dont get waves by being MR NICE GUY,I wasnt there and havent seen what really happened as im sure 99 % of everybody else on here hasn’t…So before you start calling people names get the fact straight


    Jamie O is Australian NOT Hawaiian !!! And don’t Judge Hawaiians or Brazilians by a couple rotten Ego Driven Clowns!! Professional Surfers are the biggest Ego monsters in the world! They all think they’re tough cause they Surf good. As far as Hawaii Thug Surfers goes, imagine if the world came to your House , and stepped on your couch with Muddy Feet , same Disrespect by alot of visiting surfers Disrespecting someone’s home. Act Respectful and Get Respected!! It’s a Universal Vibration!! Aloha

  • Neot

    Ohhh people who are saying that he deserved because he paddled battle with JOB, u gotta be kidding me…
    That’s a competition, its not a free surf session… if you don’t need the money, or don’t want to get into paddle battles why ur competing then ? just keep on doing ur movies and traveling around, everyone wins.

  • Hamish

    @OHANA O KAUA’I according to Wiki and Red Bull JOB was born in Kahuku, Hawaii. You may be thinking of Jamie Mitchell who was born in Australia and does a lot of Paddleboard, SUP and surfing around the world, with a heap in Hawaii – he’s meant to be pretty chill though. I can’t really comment on the rest of your comment because it’s not something I’ve had to deal with, but I can’t imagine it would be an easy thing to deal with the world arriving every Winter to claim your beach. Agree with act respectful and get respected. Have a great day.

  • brazzo hater

    1 Brazzo put in his place, many more to go…good on ya Jamie! Kick the Claimer country off the tour, no kooks allowed!

  • swearengen

    “Yeah, we’re men, and these things happen.” — JOB. You are a lot of things, Jamie O, but a man is not one of them. That said, men don’t post pity-selfies over a little scuffle, Ricardo. Who even thinks to document an apology handshake, for f-ck’s sake? I see no men here. Only little boys.

  • Frank Dukes

    “save it for the Kumite!”

  • sivdog

    ah come on,give the guy a break….JOB obviously really wanted to be in the show,as did RDS…with that much emotion on the line of course things can get testy,but compared to the beating of the local guy in OZ a few years ago,this is nothing…..

  • Pit Gromney

    ASP will just sweep this under the rug like every other controversy they have ever faced. Experts at public relations avoidance. Not that it matters, ASP is basically Quiksilver now with Paul Speaker from the Quiksilver board as CEO and Terry Hardy (Kelly’s manager) pulling the strings. Who gives a fuck about the QSP? Certainly not Dane while he’s cashing Quik cheques not to compete

  • Pauly Boy

    Show the footage for peace sakes! Would be nice to see vs. read about it….. It’s competition and just like in any other sport, emotions run high in the heat of the battle. Michael Jordan would strangle a guys throat for undercutting him on a dunk. I agree with ASP Judge, get over it, it’s competitive surfer vs. competitive surfer and it shows that both desperately wanted to advance to man on man heats at one of their favorite waves in the world (which is becoming amazingly crowded). Good to see when the dust settled, JOB said he was Sorry and looked genuine in his apology photo.

  • It’sOnlyAParkingLotWang…

    “ASP Judge”… dude, get some zolof or something you tweaker …

  • Mik

    How big was the surf? If heavy, some of those drops are life threatening… So that might explain the reaction, or over-reaction.

    Dos Santos is a great surfer, and its too bad it happened.

    Keeping it civil is really important for Pro surfers. we don’t need a Pro Hocky mentality luring around the WCT…

    But let’s not pile on after one incident?

  • stuffs1

    You gota love big mouths over social media….who are the least popular surfers on tour? Brazillians…..wonder why?… Does the social media reaction not say something? Two dudes got worked up in an intense moment and it went to far…who cares? Happens everyday in other sports. This paddle battle seriously sounds like dos santos snaked J.O.B. Though? Plus Hawaii is pro surfing. There would be no world tour without the end of the year on the North Shore

  • Junior Boy

    I hope I see Ricardo on da Nort Chore this winter! I’m goin ta pound him brah!

  • Sliding Sense

    You could refer to JOB as a “Hawaiian” if Hawaii’s sovereignty had not been stolen and if JOB was a card carrying passport member of the independent nation of Hawaii, a country based on citizenship regardless of race.

    Because a small group of white oligarchs, conspiring with the United States purposely stole Hawaii’s sovereignty, and then annexed this isolated archipelago without the consent of the population, you no longer have the right to call someone like JOB a “Hawaiian.” In the 21st century, referring to someone that is Hawaiian is identifying a person who’s ancestors inhabited the Hawaiian Islands in a continuum, before the arrival of Europeans to the islands.

    JOB is an American by citizenship and Australian by birth.

    Surfing magazine, please do your research and get legit.

  • Kaipo Gomes

    Wow Sliding Sense are you kidding us all? Born here born there who cares. The ship has sailed for Hawaiians claiming sovereignty. Good luck with that one. Do you know where Jamie O lives? The fifty yard line at Pipe/Backdoor. He is also one of the 5 best in the world in that lineup. Could Ricardo have a tough time on the North Shore this Nov/Dec? Time will only tell. Until we all see the ENTIRE video the jury is still out on this one. Perhaps this could best be settled at 8 – 10 foot Backdoor/Pipe this winter. Fate could have it that they draw each other if not the Pipe Masters then the Volcom Pipe. Oh yeah, Sliding Sense I was born under some rock out at Makaha near Third Dip if you need to check my Birth Certificate. Brah………………………….

  • drift

    That’s not a punch. He injured himself putting his make up on.

  • Anyone

    Kaipo, Sliding Sense is spot on accurate.

    Jamie, like many ‘hawaiians” travels poorly taking their entitlement complex with them on trips. Dude gets schooled and he can’t control his impulse. Might be the reason he pushes over the ledge too. Package deal when radical is required.

    The whole “haole local” thing is astounding. Explains Eddie R, btw Tony.

    Don’t expect the ASP to stand up to anything. They are disciples of the path of least resistance except if Bobby gets interviewed during a Quik contest without the ability to tape delay.

    Shows those fucks right for interuppting live footage for bullshit interviews.

    How can a legitimate sport show scoring rides only as replays?

  • jon jon

    Who won wave of the winter last year at pipe???? It was not JOB, it was none other then RDS and he was a very humble gracious recipient. The wave of the winter head judge was Mr. Pipleine Gerry Lopez….

  • stereo types

    Hawaiins: are thugs and they will “pound you bra”
    Aussies: are racist yuppie douche bag jocks
    Brazzos: are swarming fanatical frenzied no etiquette punks (or as they like to say passionate) that love to claim after every wave.
    French: are arrogant rude and lacking in etiquette
    Americans: ugly

  • David O’connor

    Jamie admits he’s done wrong but still stupid idiots who were not there still argue he’s right to have done this pathetic act. Love your surfing at pipe Jamie but perhaps it’s best you stay there and don’t trash other people’s homes with your trashie presence.

  • NSB


    RDS is a brazie who needs to stay off the north shore!!!

    Ricardo gets paid big bucks ,hangs out on the north shore way to much over staying his welcome!!

    He got slapped by a young local kid last winter for a similar situation !!

    He wins wave of the winter,gets 2 cover shots and hangs on the north shore for 3 months!(way to long for a punk brazie)

    Ricardo do not come to the north shore as the boys will line up and take turns kicking your ass all winter long!!

    brazil !! brazilians!! brazies !! = claiming ,fighting aggressive donkeys !!


    5 brazilians paddle out at any spot in the worlds with no one out !!

    There are 5 waves in a set !!

    guess what the first wave of the set and all 5 of them drop in on each other and start fighting each other as the next 4 waves go unridden !!


    END OF STORY!!!!!

  • wugu

    In hindsight most everyone can act with class

    JOB = classless as$hole who tarnishes surfing culture and lifestyle

    go back to school and get educated you loser and while youre at it learn some etiquette and/or manners

    stop tarnishing surfing, don’t give a f*ck if u charge pipe

  • Peter K.

    JOB has issues and his pro surfing career is coming to an end just as is does for any young pro/ may be a good surfer but is lacking in other areas of his life. Ricardo is a two time Chopes Trials winner. He looks ashamed and weak in the handshake photo.

  • mg

    The real point is SURFING IS A SELFISH SPORT as far as one man, one wave. Rather than calling everyone in the neighborhood to surf we have secret spots.
    There still is Aloha, but you gotta look in the cracks.
    Between the Sell out of Surfing from exclusive “camps” to surf contests baring surfers from surfing, Surfing Soul is Sold.

  • kauai

    They’re both tools

  • Dante Negri

    Don’t know the full story, great fan of job and job 3.0, not a great thing that in a comp it came to fists, this should be a wake up call to the asp world tour to unforced different rules in terms of right of way

  • DM

    JOB is looking down, doesn’t even have the stones to look RDS in the eye!!! If RDS knows jiu-jitsu, he should have put a “kimora” on JOB’s ass!

  • Tim Johnston

    Karma sucks!