Things we F–ked Up This Month

posted by / News / February 24, 2012

That’s Josh Kerr, not Alex Gray

I could give you a list of excuses explaining why this happened, but none of them would be good. The simple fact is that in our April issue of SURFING we thought we had a shot of Alex Gray threading a big Off the Wall barrel, when in reality it was Josh Kerr. Looking at it now, it’s very clearly Josh.

Mea culpa.

The interview that we ran over the shot is still very relevant to the North Shore season; Alex had an amazing and dedicated winter at OTW. But alas, the words don’t match the image. This was Josh’s wave, and a fine wave it was. When I emailed both Josh and Alex to alert them of our fudge up and apologize, they were gracious and understanding in their responses.

“All good I got a bonus shot, yew!” wrote Josh.

“Now everyone knows my stunt double!” joked Alex.

Great guys, those two. And we know you’re great too, and thank you in advance for your understanding.

Taylor Paul
Editor, SURFING Magazine

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  • Mother of Beach

    signs of maturity of infancy ? Someone needs to be fired over this. I would say it should be taylor paul or pete taras. I mean if the photo editor picked the photo and then the editor wrote the article and still didnt recognize the mix up, this clearly shows the lack of commitment and understanding of people, surf, and get your shit together type stuff.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    you guys are a joke and are on your way down.

    Kai and travis magazine will be taking your market and you will be eating cat food for dinner and working at alladan or getto juice magazine

  • yep

    Why was a foamy, second wave of the set published in the first place ?

  • Shredder

    Another INDUSTRY BARN MOVE – You guys are so caught up with chimming in on the BIG DOGS and the Sponsor Corporate Jacking OFF Lubrication it is FU(King Pathetic. Start running shots of no names and see what the sponsors do….. Exactly – They will quit running ADS…. HAHAHAHAH. The Companies OWN YOU >>> JIMMY AND CREW…… Quit Slurrping all these COOL SURFER DUDES…..

  • sean

    you fixed it. good job