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Markus Hickman. PHOTO: Flindt

Markus Hickman. PHOTO: Flindt

North Shore Underground

Name: Marcus Hickman
Age: 31
Hometown: North Shore, Oahu
Homebreak: Sunset Beach
Sponsors: Volcom, Drift Surf, Scott Hawaii, Lei Lei’s Bar and Grill, Kua Aina, MRI, Alakona Corp., Trees of the Tropics

Would you say you’re a professional surfer? Yes, I would

Favorite surfer: Makuakai Rothman

Shaper(s): Dennis Pang And Brett Muramoto

Crew: Makuakai Rothman, Sunny Garcia, Kala Alexander, Kamalei Alexander, Nainoa Suratt

Favorite wave on the North Shore: Backdoor Pipeline

Jobs you’ve held: Wholesale manager, retail manager and sales, stone layer, painter, carpenter, and surf instructor

Jobs you hold now: House manager

Define “underground”: Underground is someone who is out there surfing for himself, away from the hype and spotlight of “the circus”

Five best underground Hawaiian surfers, in your opinion: Nainoa Suratt, Solomon Ortiz, Kawai Lindo, Hank Gaskell, and Billy Kemper

Three biggest accomplishments in surfing:
Getting paid to surf and travel all over the world
Being selected by my peers to represent Hawaii in the Pipeline Masters
Making the finals at Sunset Beach

Three biggest goals in surfing:
Win the Triple Crown
Win the Pipeline Masters
Win a Sunset event

If surfing paid no money, what would you do? I would be a lawyer

How far did you go in school? I made it to college but did not finish

If you could travel to one place, where would you go? The moon. How amazing would it be to say, “I have been to the moon”?

If you could surf one contest, what would it be? Da Hui Backdoor Shootout. It’s the best format at the world’s best wave

Describe a popular misconception about Hawaii: I think that when most people think of Hawaii they think of Waikiki Beach. To me, Waikiki is not what Hawaii really is. To me, true Hawaii is its people, family, community, and Aloha.

Team North Shore Underground 2010

  • Ola Eleogram
  • Sion Milosky
  • Mikey Bruneau
  • Markus Hickman
  • Hank Gaskell
  • Evan Valiere

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  • Green

    Watched you on Surfline during the Da Hui Pipeline event.

    You’re an ass and have some fixation issues with your penis- like some chemicaly-imbalanced child Complete embarrassment to the North Shore..

  • Robin Nance

    Marcus gave my wife and me surf lessons and he was great. Good knowledge he imparted to us. Made our second surfing trip more enjoyable, with his help and advice. And thanks for toe-ing me out when I got tired. Even with all the exercise I did in advance I was still tired an hour in and I really appreciated the help paddling out. We hope to see you again, Robin and Leslie