Tom Carroll Did Meth

posted by / News, Video / October 30, 2013

Wait what? Tom Carroll, meth? We know the man did turns at Pipe, but still. The 1983-1984 world champ recently came clean in an interview with 60 Minutes. At 18 years old, TC started off with recreational drugs like too many young men do. Binges became the norm and addiction would follow. In the early 2000s, things got real ugly. Tom started dabbling with Meth, and nobody just dabbles with meth. After a few harsh years, Tom checked into rehab and came out a new man. And power to the powerhouse — we praise Tom Carroll for getting the help he needed and kicking the world’s most dangerous addiction to the curb.

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7 Responses to “Tom Carroll Did Meth”

  1. wtf happen? says:

    your still the man TC

  2. It'sOnlyaParkingLotWang says:

    Powerful, powerful stuff.
    Good On you TC – and brother Nick – for baring this to the sufing world, you’re an even bigger Champion now because you very well might help save a life / lives …

  3. its never ok says:

    the ice is still waiting at the curb and will never go away

  4. Center Line says:

    Legend….Awsome person. TC kills it. There’s a target on you for the rest of your life.
    Bad company corrupts good character. Keep those people away

  5. Ben says:

    Ross Clarke Jones spoke at length about TC and meth in the Surfer’s Journal over a year ago.

  6. Klonapin Keith says:

    Jeez he must’ve been on meth to wear a gath hat in a hot tub…good on ya tommy last time I did meth I was up for 2 weeks and heard voices

  7. Andrew says:

    My wife and I bumped into TC at the Quicky pro. He gave my wife a SUP lesson and took my 3 year old out for a few waves at Rainbow. They had no idea who he was. He hung on the beach chatting to my family for ages. What an absolute gentleman. All the best TC.

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