Under the Covers with Jimmicane: December Issue

posted by / News / October 21, 2010

On a Wednesday, Jimmicane was at his desk in the SURFING office, pretending to work but really reading Jacksonville Jaguars blogs or something. Then he got an email: Mentawais? By Thursday he was gone. He came back with the December Issue cover shot, of Brazilian grom Caio Ibelli (final photo at bottom of the sequence below).


This was a collaboration trip with SURFING and Stab based on getting a few of the world’s best juniors together. The crew kind of changed around a few times, but it ended up with Conner Coffin, Ian Gentil, Jack Robinson and Caio Ibelli. So we had a Californian, Hawaiian, Australian, and Brazilian.

Kind of hard to explain Caio’s personality because only Ian could communicate with him. None of the rest of us know Portuguese. We didn’t even know how to pronounce his name at first, so he got slapped with the nickname “Chow” for life from this trip.

I gotta say I am proud of Chow for sacking up and taking this wave. The session was at Bankvaults and it was very serious out there. Pissing rain and bombing sets swinging all over the place, ending on dry reef which would be easy to get pushed onto. Definitely scary, especially for groms.

It sucks because Conner perforated his eardrum earlier that day and couldn’t surf. He would’ve been doing laps out there. Jack is 12 years old and didn’t want to give it much of a go and Ian is 14 years old and sat basically in the channel.

Chow was on a 5’10” shortboard and he just rushed this thing, tail-dropping out of the sky. I can’t believe he stuck it. Would’ve been a crazy photo even if he didn’t, but he would’ve never got the cover if he ate shit, so he for sure earned this one. Good to see a grom stepping up. Should be an example to all the other kids who want to be pro surfers.

—Words and photos by Jimmicane

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  • Teacher Beans

    This grom is the best of new generation from Guarujá-Brazil

  • RH

    First, let me say that the following has nothing to do with the fact that the kid is from Brazil. That sequence, sorry to say, though, is pitiful. Grom airdrops near the shoulder and he can’t muster a bottom turn to make the wave?? Not ready for prime time; shoulda stayed home ’til he’s ready. Waste of fuel. What is it with groms not being able to turn these days? Juniors used to be the best heats to watch; now even the top international youngsters are no better than 4’9″ Silvana Lima and Carrissa Moore, except in the air… and not as good as Carissa at Sunset.

  • Justin Cote

    He would have made it on a bigger board but I guess riding those isn’t cool right now. Nice shot, that wave is heavy.

  • horsemensurf

    Hey RH, go fuck yourself. You are a hating ass piece of shit. I’ve been to Indo, have you? Let’s see you do that from your couch or computer. Quit surfing, seriously!

  • horsemensurf

    Rh, oh yeah, learn to tell the difference between a peak and a shoulder. I got news for you, you cant airdrop a shoulder. Not even in Jersey, where there are alot of close outs, have I ever seen anybody “airdrop a shoulder”. Study up son, you got a lot to learn!

  • Dick

    that looks like a shoulder to me. If he would been about 15ft back it may of been something worth talking about….the kid is what 5ft tall ? So that wave is about 8ft maybe ? I wonder if Surfing is trying to just focus on small dudes so the waves and moves look bigger ? Snowboarding is made up of small guys, but surfing is not snowboarding. rain or shine your still small kine…

  • pedro

    shoulder or not, what´s the diference??? the image speaks for itself, this guy airdropped a monster on a 5´10 (what just shock me even more)!

  • Lou

    Guys, guys, guys please.. a lot of surfers would be watching from the safety of a boot with these kind of waves. Please show some respect and kinship to your fellow surfing brothers!

    Spread Aloha!

  • RH

    Horsehuffer, learn to read. An airdrop is an airdrop, and is good, yes. And cannot be done on a shoulder; who said it could?? But if it is done “near” enough to a shoulder that even the most unstrong of bottom turns would have made the wave, then it is unquestionably weaker than a girl only three years older taking a similarly heavy airdrop at Sunset Beach last year but making the damn wave.