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…Lost’s Matt Biolos sends a poignant message to America’s surfing youth.

Freedom of speech, a beautiful thing

When he’s not shaping boards for pros and punters alike, Matt Biolos spits truth. Enjoy the message, and the peanut gallery’s subsequent applause, in this Instagram post from @mayhemb3_mattbiolos

…Lost's Matt Biolos sends a poignant message to the America's surfing youth.

  • @mayhemb3_mattbiolosJean DeSilva just won the ECSC 6 star , in Va Beach, on a Mayhem SubDriver ( in Kehana construction) . Unfortunately, he felt some overwhelming desire to blatantly cover the logo. I guess he doesn’t want any more boards. On another note, After seeing 3 Brazilians and one 30 year old US vet ( Yeomans) in the semis, I think@it might be time for the young US pros to shut down their Instagesms, suspend their blogs, stop making webisodes, quit chasing girls and parties…. And nut the fuck up and start winning some god damn contests ( you boys know who I am talking about) be time for all

  • @mayhemb3_mattbiolosYou guys to shit or get off the pt. Time to get pissed off and do something or get jobs, cus these Brazilians don’t give a fck. They will eat you for dinner. They will take your money….and your chicks.
  • @adamholloway76@mayhemb3_mattbiolos Fuck ya …. USA needs to step it up we as a country can’t hope some old bald guy from Florida will keep winning titles for us
  • @pedro_fernandezAnd hungry Dominican on the hunt @mayhemb3_mattbiolos
  • @f_lewis20Well said @mayhemb3_mattbiolos
  • @kbartsurf@luke_davis93 @allodoxaphobia_
  • @fromthecoalmineMatt Biolos for President.
  • @luke_davis93@mayhemb3_mattbiolos fuckinfuck
  • @cam_vaughneTrue words from the man himself @mayhemb3_mattbiolos ! The brazos are the only ones you don’t see at every party during the contest week…definitely showed in the water!
  • @shaun_ward@mayhemb3_mattbiolos your words of wisdom are like music to my ears ! “Poetry “
  • @swaintonLove this!
  • @bcmanagementWow!!! Heavy but true….. @mayhemb3_mattbiolos
  • @stampssurf@mayhemb3_mattbiolos ..way to call it… epic!
  • @caiogramBrasil porra!
  • @keenz0A mother effin men brother!!!
  • @jka_all_dayWell, with all the American kids looking up to Dane (Mr. I Don’t Give A Shit himself), is it really that surprising? He gets paid either way, so what motivation is there to compete? Tell all these kids that they aren’t going to make any money unless they win, and in addition will be dirt poor the rest of their life living in a tin roof shack if they don’t, and you may see their level of motivation change.
  • @robophotoHahahahahaha!!!! Spoken well, mr Biolas! What the fuck happened to you @luke_davis93? We’re you and @dylangoodale too busy making out……… With eachother?
  • @jessemerlejonesHaha .. Shitty surf , I’m here with Wardo in indo it’s gonna b 8ft.
  • @shreddyhbYa @jessemerlejones .
  • @guilhermerosa#brazilianstorm
  • @yeagbombTruest thing I’ve ever heard
  • @phil_goodrich_artLogo is huge on the bottom between the fins @mayhemb3_mattbiolos . He is stoked on your board, told me about it all week @jeandasilva
  • @search4shinTo the core…
  • @alexgregsAmerica
  • @cyergs01Well said Matt.
  • @phil_goodrich_artAnd if you want to get technical, @shealopez mentioned that @jeandasilva was riding a Mayhem right before he paddled out for the final…
  • @krudstallion@mayhemb3_mattbiolos for that ever had consistently the best boards i ve ever had and i paid almost retail for them the last ten years.
  • @dylangoodale@robophoto because you were a perfect straight edge compeititor in your day werent ya!
  • @krudstallionAuto correct
  • @sirjeffreymyersmayhem for president @mayhemb3_mattbiolos.
  • @jeandasilva@mayhemb3_mattbiolos your board worked so good for me on the ECSC, I also mentioned your name before the FINAL, but I also have a surfboard sponsor contract that doens’t let show other surfboards brands. Don’t want any bad vibes on that! All the best!
  • @briandiceHeaviest instagram comments hahaha!
  • @mayhemb3_mattbiolos@jeandasilva don’t worry bout me. This is your day.
  • @yestermannWay to go Matt no tell us how you really feel.
  • @jeffreypeteOnce the surf co stop silver spooning these kids at 10 years old then they might be hungry when they hit twenty. Plus this tour only stops in big small wave events .
  • @benkelley74Sounds like @jeandasilva is going to need to get a @mayhemb3 prison tat if he wants to keep getting good boards
  • @shealopez@jeandasilva great job today! @phil__goodrich__art Silva told me how much you helped him getting into competing in VB, you’re a good man old friend
  • @shealopezG.R.I.T. Get it groms. @therealgorkin has it @corylopez has it ANDY DORIAN WARD ARCHIE SUNNY KAIPO…..Get the picture yet??? OCCY said it best in the 80’s the last time American surfers and the surf industry sold out and went pop culture on us. Anyone even remember that famous quote now??????
  • @mayhemb3_mattbiolos” STOP THESE WANKERS”
  • @shealopezThat’s not fair! I knew you’d remember. The Cyber generation can’t even remember anything from last week
  • @therealgorkin@shealopez got ya going grit love it
  • @scott_summers16@shealopez @mayhemb3_mattbiolos Working in the “Industry” You guys both just said what a lot of people have been thinking for years when these “next generation” kids walk in to stores and ask for free S&@$. What happened to kids being stoked on free stickers and never thinking about covering up a logo when they saved there salary from mowing lawns for a summer just to buy the board of there dreams just so someone else could see those logos. F what people these days want acknowledgement from. Yeah I made that one word. Acknowledge that and show some frickin respect.
  • @shealopezKeep those groms honest in NC this week @therealgorkin
  • @b_rad_dad@luke_davis93 nice language…the WOW crew and all us dads not super stoked on your choice of words…now get out there and represent SC and USA proper
  • @matthayx#mayhemforpresident
  • @benny_bigThis was a great read, thanks all.
  • @dutchiesurfdesigns@mayhemb3 well said, respect!
  • @gregjeffsTruth. Glad someone in the industry had the balls to say what everyone is thinking
  • @martyho4sWhat’s more important winning heats or selling product? Entitled self absorbed youth is the norm. I concur with Mr. Biolas
  • @frankiebdandreaBeSt post all week. Good stuff @mayhemb3_mattbiolos
  • @warnersurfboardsAnd that’s why I like Matt , no bullshit
  • @aidowheelerCall it as you see it Matt …. Nice
  • @charlesmencelScrapping was an art at some point. Now everyone thinks it’s fighting. I’d love to see a young competitor run in and out of the water again.
  • @pukassurfLoud and clear.

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  • Tim


  • davis rich

    Our surfing culture keeps us from rising to the top. US surfers see themselves as stoic or too cool. Brazzos see this as a sport. You all bitch and whine over surfers claiming. Guess what, every other sport in the world claims! Just an example of the two different mindsets. Youre right, the brazilians are more motivated because they are fighting for survival and they are true sports fanatics. We on the other hand expect to just sit there with our hands in our pockets because it would be uncool to show emotion or get psyched for another human’s monumental efforts in the water. Grow up insecure little boys, we are getting our asses kicked. Time to man up. Oh, and covering that logo is ghetto as shit.

  • Frankly

    Surfing has become a rich man’s activity.

    You want to be successful nowdays, all you gotta do is know who to stroke, and then find the people who are willing to stroke you.
    All you need is a filmer and a mommy and daddy to give you all the surf gear you want and drive you and your personal strokers around in their SUVs. Produce some web clips,look cool, make sure mom and dad stroke the right people…and you’re in.

    The surf industry in Southern California is so absorbed in itself right now, they have no idea everyone over 12 sees them as a bunch of clowns.

    The Brazilians, and the Aussies for a larger part, are in it to win it. And they will. Good for them, they deserve it.

  • Fred

    Funny stuff…although I don’t remember Matt having a problem w Taj painting his Mayhems to look like Firewires.

  • Pauly Boy

    Classic Read! Cory and Shea should write a book for the new school. We grew up where there were no waves (the gulf)…..Brazil cranks compared to the Gulf of Frickin Mexico! Both exploded into world class surfers on pure determination and a will to succeed no matter what! Todays young U.S. pros are being groomed for failure…..high paid salaries out of the gates without winnning? Come on…..it is time to get back to reality….our little surf industry isn’t that big. But Nike is and if they eventually decide to stop paying young kids overpaid salaries (especially when they can’t sell a stitch of their crappy boardshorts at a Surf shop) then it will all change rapidly. Reality will set in fast and then we will see the young top U.S. athletes regain their drive.

  • Fred

    Original comment deleted by surfing mag, I’ll try again;

    Funny stuff…although I don’t remember Matt getting mad a Taj for painting his Mayhems to look like Firewires

  • Ben

    Well said. It is no accident that California, for all of its waves and surfers, has not produced the top-caliber surfers that Florida has; the industry, the hype, the instagram BS is actually killing our ability to compete. Take the apathetic Venturans (Dane and Bobby) and let their contest results dictate their next meal. Watch what happens. Brazil will eat us alive in coming generations, with the preternaturally talented JJF serving as our only hope.

  • westie

    Beau Foster.

  • Hawaiian

    JJF is from Hawaii. Separate flag in the ASP system.

  • yep

    Hey Biolos, contests are for Brazilians.

  • masniffur

    its a shame a blue collar contest savvy ripper like Gabe Kling gets dropped from matix cause hes not one of these young over-hyped spoiled groms….i dont want to hate on my own people but Damn, so many other “older” surfers that SHRED that dont get a chance…old is when you either quit working out and surfing or you get injured. Alot of the guys i speak of have kids and need the money more than these groms….and will work hard to make it and be grateful…..

  • Tim

    Just underscores where the kids (i.e., the market) is at these days. Meh is the anthem of this generation. Thing is, they CAN surf and rip, they just would rather not compete. Too much pressure maybe? The brazilians and aussies thrive on that same pressure. Why don’t we? I’ll get murdered for saying this but maybe kolohe will step up yet. Just go spend your off season in frickin man waves somewhere for christs sake!

  • aframe

    “Take the apathetic Venturans (Dane and Bobby) and let their contest results dictate their next meal. Watch what happens. Brazil will eat us alive in coming generations, with the preternaturally talented JJF serving as our only hope.”-Ben

    Why should contest results dictate their next meal? Id rather watch Danes vid clips than anyone from brazil surf a contest.

    Funny to see Mayhem all fired up about contest results after painting Lost as the anti-establishment / fuk off brand for so long?

    Since when did surfing become all about winning contests?


  • shea

    @aframe he cares about contests because, as f’dup as this sounds, matt cares about the youth and wants to make sure they aren’t always being lied to by ‘them’. I look back and respect him even more for the knowledge he’s shared with me during my years maturing in the pro surfer mold.

  • adam

    @aframe your quote is only part true.lost doesnt pay well. Thier surfers in the past always had to grind on the WQS for money to get buy. There big names, Lopez brothers and Wardo always did comps and did well and still do well. Even today Mason Ho goes and grinds it out at QS comps. Mayhem is directly reffering to a select group of kids from southern cal that expect to do nothing and get something.

  • Pauly Boy

    @aframe Hands down….Dane is the most amazing surfer to watch free surf. However, would Michael Jordan, Kobe, and LeBron be great if they just sent in clips of their great shots under no pressure on the playground, no TV and no crowds? True great performances are under pressure and on the big stage….anything else is really just practice. That is why KS will never be denied as the greatest athlete of all time in my book….he has delivered greatness under the most critical times over his entire career,
    against Hawaiians, Australians, Brazilians, South Africans, etc….go U.S.A. I think that is the challenge Matt is putting out there to our youth?

  • Amaro

    Just opened her mouth to speak, because Jean won! If it were otherwise, you would be silent. It’s easy to play, just a team that wins correct Mr.@mayhemb3_mattbiolos.

  • marchus

    surfing is gay

  • marchus

    a bunch of soft gay boys

  • yep

    Jordan, Kobe, or LeBron don’t surf, and surfing is not a stage.

  • Pyzell, tokoro, pang


    Mayhem boards rock at trestles and other soft flat waves, not PIPE OR SUNSET etc…..


  • tony carson big island

    Who really gives a crap about pro surfing, its just a tool for these companies and Biolos, to sell their rags and their other crap to clueless wannabes, so they can make a profit off of your wet dreams. Just get a board and go catch your own waves, and ride free.

  • Merrick, T Patterson, Rusty

    Hey Pyzell, Tokoro, Pang. If we remember correctly, Cory Lopez and Chris Ward have been winning contests and making finals on …lost boards at places like Pipe, Chopes and Tavi for 15 years. Oh, and The Hos seem to do just fine on them on the North Shore as well.