Volcom Pipe Pro: Best Final Ever?

posted by / News, Photos / February 2, 2012

All photos by Ryantfoley.com

Jamie O had it locked up. It was over. John John hugged and congratulated him, knowing that with only a minute left he was unlikely to earn the 9.41 he needed to overtake JOB. But Pipeline, benevolent Pipeline, had other plans. A set stacked. John John saw it and broke toward it, Jamie taking chase. But sprinting contests favor youth and John John stroked north toward Ehukai and straight into the Pipe left but wait! He’s going right. Right into a Backdoor cavern as the horn blows. The wave spits. John John emerges, hands raised. Crowd erupts. Jamie cries (probably). The score is logged and it’s a 9.93. And with that, the best Pipeline final ever comes to a close.

Or was it? And if it was not, what was?

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  • Matt O’Brien

    WOWWiE! My hands hurt from clapping for EVERY WAVE. It was all time. The Healy/Wassel Show Should Be a tour staple – kinda like the two old dudes in the balcony seats on the Muppet Show: ONLY THESE TWO “OLD” DUDES CHARGE!
    That final reminded me of the ANDY/KELLY (Rob & Cory) Pipe Final from 2004 (or ’03)
    Call it PiPELiNE SUPER FiNAL 2.0 (ANDY/KELLY being 1.0)
    Andy & Kelly are Regular Footers (Rob & Cory are Goofies)
    John John & Jamie are Regular Footers (Nate & Kai are Goofies)

    Kelly had it “wrapped” up until dying minutes When Andy TOOK it away to WiN!
    Jamie had it “wrapped” up until dying minutes When John John TOOK it away to WiN!

    Andy/Kelly had an intense rivalry (on World Tour)
    John John/Jamie have an intense rivalry (on Pipe Tour)

    there are probably more comparisons, BUT you get my drift. We WiLL be talking of this final for years and years (as well as the Jamie/John John rivalry at Pipe) just like we talk about the Andy/Kelly final from yesteryears…

    p.s. How about a round of applause for Mr. Carlos Munoz and ALL THOSE HARD CHARGiNG MAD MEN.

  • the truth

    Please stop mentioning Andy already. We get it.
    What about Todd Chesser and Mark Foo… why is it that everyone is so caught up in name dropping 24 hours a day?

  • Matt O’Brien

    “the truth”, was only mentioning Andy in regards to THE Final between him AND KELLY. Regardless of your True feelings – that final was one of the All Time Greats. So it isn’t meant as a disrespect to Chesser or Foo or any of the other fallen warriors (Sion comes to mind) it IS simply to use as a bench mark in regards to This Year’s Final during the Volcom Pipe Pro. Does this make any sense to you?

    and as for Name dropping – your right you got me. I am totally stoked on names. They are as much fun to read & write as they are to say… Carlos Munoz. Come On you know it’s a good time.

    Thanks for your reply, Cheers…

  • J JACK

    Open to interpretation of course but watching live I thought JJ won , now after watching replay after replay of their respective waves ………..I’m not so sure . JOB’S backdooring over foam ball was as good as either of JJ’s waves . Better IMO .

    Oh well thats contests and congrats to JJ hes a champ !

  • Mik

    Matt: I was thinking the same, but thnx for adding the details… It is impressive. Tho this time around, it is kind of flipped. JJ is a bit more like Kelly, in terms of lack of rough edges, and JOB is more like Andy, though Andy evolved his views as he progressed. I hope JOB does too. He’s far too talented to continue the gangsta style. When he was younger, he was amazingly positive, and friendly. His surfing says everything… No need to try impress in any other way, other than naturally… And maybe keep working on fitness levels. Kelly and Andy were ripped at heir peak, and actually, Kelly still is, and he’s still peaking.

  • CNS

    The AI-Kelly final was better because it was a WCT, not just a 5-star. Plus, AI’s foamball Pipe left was insane. You need to watch the water camera. He should have had a ten for that b/c he literally was floating on the foamball out of that barrel. He made it out by sheer will.

  • Ben

    It’s almost blasphemy to compare this final, or any other heat for that matter, to the AI/Slater final for so many reasons, the least of which was AI’s two ridiculously perfect, wild animal pits.

  • CJI

    Great final!!! The three that really stand out were this one. The AI vs Kelly one and one that many of you don’t remember but the Derek Ho Tom Carroll et al final of 1991 if you have not seen it find it. Watch Tom Carroll’s snaping that huge board around.

  • Stupid

    yes it was the best final ever

  • andriena

    The best final ever still the Pipe Masters between Andy and Kelly