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Patagonia’s 180 South Premieres at the Santa Barbara Film Festival
By Alex Ryden

Let’s get this straight, 180 South is not a surf movie. You won’t pop it in 15 minutes before a session and be instantly amped. There’s nothing Modern Collective about it. It’s a movie about adventures, the outdoors, climbing ice-mountains, and being feral.

It’s about Patagonia, an ecological haven that inspired Yvon Chouinard to make the Patagonia mountainwear company decades ago. It tells you to turn off your i-Phone and go somewhere far away, remote, maybe a little desolate. To travel not to score rifling points or slabby reefs, but to get down and Taoist with nature.

But the movie’s premiere was far from humble. The line to get into the Arlington theater snaked around two blocks of downtown Santa Barbara. There were paparazzi. There was a red carpet. Julia Roberts made an appearance. And the Malloys, Jeff Johnson, Ramon Navarro, and the rest of the 180 South crew treaded upon the catwalk in all of their cinematic stardom. On Wednesday, night beards and fleece were in and v-necks were out.

And the after-party promoted the whole event from premiere to gala. We laughed, we ate, we drank. Julia smiled. Prawns and chicken brochette were the norm and wine flowed like, well, wine. But behind the hors d’oeuvres, the Shiraz, and linen napkins were people who really cared about making a change in Chile. People who admire danger, adventure, and the unknown. People who would rather be sipping rain water from the top of a Chilean peak than downing a nightcap at some high-end cafe in Santa Barbara.

Maybe you can’t ask people like Yvon Chouinard if they think Jordy Smith was raised by wolves or how they feel about Dane’s tuck-knee airs. They have much more important things on their mind. Things that really matter. Environmental things. Issues that we should maybe think about, because we like nature too.

For the interested:



The Arlington

The Arlington

Chris and Keith Malloy

Chris and Keith Malloy

Jeff Johnson and friend

Jeff Johnson and friend

Kurt Vincent Editor and Cinematographer for Out Of Place surf film.

Kurt Vincent Editor and Cinematographer for Out Of Place surf film.

The scene inside the theatre

The scene inside the theatre

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  • Hanna

    who writes this s@#t? booooooring. i mean the malloys legitimately suck at surfing. i don’t think they’ve progressed in like ten years. good job patagonia sponsoring some irrelevant white guys. way to promote chile. gotta give props for sponsoring navarro tho.

    also, put a clip of the movie up I don’t really care about a party or schmoozing. not gonna get me to buy the movie or a 150 dollar patagonia t shirt.

    lastly, stop using the term feral so much. you idiots use it everytime someone sleeps outside and not in a hotel. these guys are amateur adventurers not truly crazy off the map people. after all they have a friggin film crew.

    that is all

  • http://www.outofplacemovie.com Scott in Ohio

    Hey Kurt, you don’t look busy enough…get in there and get us a distribution deal!!!!!!

    Ha ha, you are sexy and brooding (Jen’s comment, not mine). Way to rep the film,

  • Alex


    Try and be a little more negative. sounds like you’re enjoying life a little too much.

  • Alli

    To Alex,

  • Elaine

    Looks like fun!
    To Hannah, these people are supportive of a good cause. If you WATCHED the movie you would see that they are trying to help protect the lands of Patagonia. There is nothing better than a person who vigorously pursues their passion. To all involved with 180 South, you inspire me daily. Hannah please check your negativity these people are good, their vision is good. We must be conscious of not letting our egos to cloud our judgement. Open your heart, and give climbing a shot and maybe you will understand then.