Which Idea Do You Back?

posted by / News / January 31, 2011


Last week when we put out the word, you kicked back over 100 simple ideas to improve the world of surfing in 2011. Below are seven we found particularly compelling, and now it’s your turn: vote for the idea you like best. On Friday we’ll send the winner a pair of Simple Tuba 11 herringbone shoes, plus an extra pair to a random reader just for being rad. Thanks for helping out. —SURFING


Which Idea Do You Back?

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  • uummm

    …destroy all surf media.

  • JH

    Would love to see one of those wax dispensers in action at noon on a 95 degree summer day…

  • Nihilism

    god all those are awful. Heres an idea, surfing, focus on surfing, fucking put a wave pool in california, cuz the waves suck, stop pushing groms to be something they are not, there is no culture in surfing anymore, get rid of contests, they are worthless, BUT bring back airshows, they are amazing and bring out some creatures.

  • cj

    fire the writer of this article, those choices all suck

  • CS

    Try getting more pros involved in saving our beaches and ocean. Then others will follow. That way we will all have a safe clean place to hang.

  • @mysurfgrocery

    None- surfing is PERFECT as it is!!
    Take your panties off (or your wife’s) and paddle out

  • @cosbydvm

    Keep it positive my friends…

  • dgb

    I dare Mubarak types at Surfing to let the people be heard on these:

    1. Surfers should boycott all surf industry products not essential for riding waves.
    2. Non-essential surf product makers should donate 5% of after tax profits to Surfrider or like NPOs trying to keep our oceans clean. SIMPLE idea, eh!
    * Surfers are relinquised from #1 responsibilities when purchasing #2 compliant company products.

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  • Ema

    also had full color art in magazines such as Playboy, Spin, Surfer, Juxtapoz, Art Business News, Royalties and License. a0(And then there’s nurumoes