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The cover art for his Innersection

The cover art for his Innersection

Albee straight up, on the rocks. Photo: Elliot Leboe

Albee straight up, on the rocks. Photo: Elliot Leboe

Albee kerrupts for two fans in the audience. Photo: Tracy Kraft

Albee kerrupts for two fans in the audience. Photo: Tracy Kraft

He reaches for the roof with plenty of room to spare. Photo: Tracy Kraft

He reaches for the roof with plenty of room to spare. Photo: Tracy Kraft

Albee listens to Slipknot. A smile isn't in the cards. Photo: Elliot Leboe

Albee listens to Slipknot. A smile isn't in the cards. Photo: Elliot Leboe


You Are Here, Nathan Myers

Apparently, Innersection is a small town in Maui. It’s unsponsored, 21 years old and surfs big waves as well as it invents new aerials. Please make sure to upgrade your maps immediately.

First Matt Meola wins the $100,000 prize for the year’s best surf section. Now Matt’s air partner and blog buddy ( Albee Layer is absolutely crushing the opening round of Taylor Steele’s DIY surf section contest.

“Elliot Leboe filmed Meola’s part last year,” explains Taylor Steele, “so he already had a good idea of what works in this format. He showed us an early version of Albee’s section and our main feedback was to maybe go out a get a few bigger waves, knowing Albee’s pretty good with that. What they came back with was pretty impressive.”

The section’s 300-plus comments pretty much say it all:


“There’s not a section on here that compares to albees’, Unbelivable! those backside airs are f#”:ked up!”

— Matt McCabe (another Top 10 qualifier)



“Crazy section bringing the new Maui vibe. Figure he’s already got a maneuver named after him right?? ‘The Flayer.’ How many maneuvers can you name? And who did them? Innersection is $.”

— Sean Hayes



“So good! One of the best entries I’ve seen in all rounds combined. A few more power turns is the only thing I would add.”

—Peter Devries (Innersection Top 5, 2010)



“This was super sick!!!”

—Jamie O’Brien, Pipe Master




“Tremendous.” “Amazing.” “Ridiculous.” From pros to bros, filmmakers to groms, everyone agrees this thing is pretty mind-blowing. It’s not just one of the best Innersection’s seen so far, but one of the best surf sections anywhere.

Albee knew it too. Stuck in California for a week, (“suck here,” he says) he was just drumming his fingers in front of the computer screen waiting for Innersection to start. His coming out party. Actually, Albee entered last year as well, same round as Meola, but didn’t make the cut.

He kept asking if he could include his tow waves at Jaws and Innersection kept pointing out its “no mechanical assist” rule. You’re just gonna have to paddle in, son.

And so he did.

Now the question is: where does he go from here? It barely seems possible that Albee could improve upon this 3-minute time-bomb…so will fickle Innersection fans feel equally excited when they see him again on the final DVD (where the $100k voting takes place)?

“A song change will definitely need to happen,” says filmmaker Leboe. “I was never very attached to the death metal concept in the first place but figured it was worth doing something different in the earlier rounds.”

What about just leaving it as is and moving onto the next project? (Like, um, getting sponsored?)

“I’d be happy to call it good,” says Leboe, “but guaranteed Albee’s gonna want bigger airs, more turns, bigger barrels, etc. etc. etc.”

Who are we to complain? And who knows, maybe this is just the beginning. Maybe Albee can do way better than this. Maybe the bar on Innersection is going to be higher than ever. Maybe we should all just start paddling into Jaws every day and getting barreled. Maybe Slipknot should do a reunion tour. Maybe… oh, never mind. Just watch the surfing.

“And just so you know,” Matt Meola informs us, “it’s way cooler live.” —Nathan Myers


Now Watch.

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  • Madden

    That was pretty good. One thing though.. Please tell me the editors are gonna slap themselves in the face and pick better music this season..

  • Bob Menx

    Mental. I already watched this a couple times on Innersection site. At first, I hated the music. Slipknot? Really? But the more I watched it, I started to feel it. It’s different. It represents Albee. Gives strong feel to the section. Like I said: Mental.

  • Ted Robbins

    Thought this article was all hype job until I watched the section. Really is the best surfing I’ve seen in years. Better than Meola’s final section last year, I think.

  • Sven

    That’s f-d up. Who is this guy?

  • teeb

    WAIT! Is Matt Meola’s site honestly called MEOLALAYERPRODUCTIONS.COM?????? That is fucking retarded! Seriously???

  • the truth

    Progression isn’t at Lowers.

  • ChajerBoi

    Best clip to hit the web in a long long time…

  • Oren

    Holy crap. Take that, Kolohe!

  • Jay

    teeb might be the biggest fuck on the internet if he does get the humor behind matt and albee’s site name. They aren’t biting dumbass.

  • Mike

    Hey Teebs, there blogs name is supposed to be like Danes website name

  • teeb

    Sorry for my ignorance, @Jay. I guess I’m NOT the biggest fuck on the planet since I don’t get the humour. That aside, is their URL supposed to be humorous?

  • brent

    the clips they have on the site are sick, teebs go back to WA you old fat fuck

  • bob

    im hoping for a Korn remix…

  • Pach

    That’s not surfing. That’s kung fu fighting.

  • Marrty

    Albee rides for ERGO…

  • The Bodhi Zaffa

    Say what you want..but Albee is WINNING. Song change? Please. Its goes perfect as hell with the type of stuff he’s throwing down. No more beat ass electro or generic bass nectar, I want to get pumped to go surf myself..and thats the first short Ive seen in many moons that made we want to hop on the first plane outta hea. Slates, parko, kerrzy, take note, cuz if you aint bringing the noise..ala the ol taylor steele campaign days..its gunna be a long season for you broz.


  • kevin

    it was AWSOME. but slipknot is not metal

  • WTF Ergo?

    @Marty: Ergo? wtf is that? Like the man said, unsponsored. Why isn’t this kid surfing with a proper brand, cause he’s clearly on a level above.

  • the truth

    Why does J-FLO have a contract and this kid does not?
    Makes ZERO sense.

  • J-Flo’s Manager

    Hey everyone, the new Jeremy Flores signature video is coming out. Three turns on EVERY wave! Free with every issue of SurfFrance!

  • DR1

    Best surfing I’ve seen on the web. Period. How is this kid not sponsored? He and Meola should be making their own movie.

  • MauiBlonde

    Albee Layer is Surfing.

  • wranger

    Best surf movie I’ve ever seen. Albee Layer will be famous