Zoltan Torkos Pulls First Kickflip on a Surfboard

posted by / News / March 4, 2011

The first real surfing kickflip captured on film that we know of — almost overshadowed by the ensuing reaction. S’alright, we’d probably be stoked too. That does look pretty hard. Still…

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  • jim

    hahahaha i bet ozzie wright is pissssed right now

  • A.B.

    doesn’t count he is a magician.

  • ds

    Are you sure this wasn’t from 1986; the yellow board, wetsuit, and radical celebration indicate another time and place.

  • Al

    I’m just glad he did it so he’ll go away.

  • Whaa

    (HAHAHAHAAHAH at ‘jim’s’ comment)

    it’s amazing that he was able to do one, and im sure the real reason behind the freakout is the realization of 50,000 or whatever volcom was putting up for the prize money. But after this i don’t ever need to see a kickflip done on a surfboard again.

  • Nick

    Where’s jimmicane? He didn’t get above the lip. Sorry bud no dice

  • Santa Cruz YEEEHAW!

    Gold, pure gold…. Let’s see if Volcom ponies up the greenbacks.

  • daniel

    so sik. local santa cruz butcher doing what he loves . and trying to make some extra scrill . surfingthemagazine is lame for lifting their noses saying its not sick. maybe if it had a better hipstamatic filter or something your guys would get a boner.

  • rob

    its fake..go frame by frame and you’ll see before he ‘lands’ it the wave reforms to an earlier frame..nice try (in editing) though

  • kent

    Show me the MONEY! VOLCOM!

  • kent

    I agree now that it is done……yawn…..

  • ImLovinIt

    Thank you Zoltan for revolutionizing surfing, your such a stallion, finally someone who can make surfing INTERESTING. Cut backs, turns are soooo boring. Clear way for Zoltan the Magician!!!!!

  • twists

    I agree daniel, if someone hip like ozzie wright it would look sick…So we wouldn’t all have to feel awkward when watching that goofy ass claim…Plus, its sad that he found that special kid and had him video tape it. I sure feel awkward.

  • Back Fired!!

    RULE 3. Its gotta be above the lip not off a chop on the face of the wave!?
    But its btter than ChristianFletchers chop hop three for sure :)
    Interesting if they give it to him. Guess we will have to wait to see. Better to do it right than get clowned for so much effort putting on event Volcom or your soft.

  • Jimmy

    Don’t mess with The Zoltan. Sick. No seriously, I think I’m going to be sick.

  • Exit98

    if it’s not fake, it’s still the kick flip maneuver cleanly performed, landed and ridden out of end of story and wolley should be cutting the guy a check, even if the guy claimed it like he just won the powerball lottery which, to him, maybe he just did.
    when airs were first performed by matt kechele the resembled nothing like the ones we’re seeing now but you have to start some where showing it’s possible and inspiring others to take it to the next level as did johnny holman and others.
    if volcom didn’t hang any caveats on it, like a certain amplitude or style etc. then the guy clearly and cleanly delivered.
    and pretty safe to say all the armchair judges / critics out there probably can’t even pull a clean frontside double safety grab let alone this groundbreaking one for surfing.
    if this is indeed not cinematic fakery, then given zoltan the magician credit due and let’s see where it goes from here.
    and you just wonder how the asp ct judges who score this move if jordy, dane or gen-now throws one down in a heat …

  • rambo estrada

    Rule #3

    The kickflip must be a real air “above the lip” – No backwash, No chop hops, or anything in the flats or below the lip of the wave.

  • dooma

    “the uneducated hunch-back claim”… another unemployed SC goon.

  • Rules are da Rules!

    3. The kickflip must be a real air “above the lip” – No backwash, No chop hops, or anything in the flats or below the lip of the wave.

    My hats off to the cat & I can not do them, but, if Volcom pays this kid they should Pay both Sleigh & the Brazilian. Which, that sucks for Sleigh as he did the first real Kick Flip & shot on photos & then the Brazilian lands on to t he back off the wave & now Zoltan bust’s one off a chop.

    But its rad these guys are pushing it, this is the next level in skate style surfing pushing it in a progressive direction.

  • Surf Mexico

    I’ve been saying for years that we need to do more flip-tricks… This is one for the history books though

    Patrick Kelley
    Surf Mexico

  • noah

    That was a gay attempt. Volcom thank you for acknowledging the attempt but that is not an air.

  • Peter

    You people are unbelievable. So much jealousy on this board. I consider myself a relatively tough and realistic critic. This guy deserves the cash. He pulled a legit kickflip. Before this, I had never seen ANY footage of a surfer landing this maneuver. Not 1 clip. It’s not huge, it’s not mindlowing. But it also isn’t unstylish. Even more impressive if he rides it out into one more off the lip.

  • fhat the wuck

    cool man, this was just GREAT! Zoltan Torkos for president!

  • HH

    To Peter:

    I have personally seen a hundred attempts all better then this chop hop in the flats crap! Ozzy Wright and Josh Sleigh to name a few have tons of footage all above the lip, but have not rode away clean yet.

    Hopefully you can look up some of their footage because this is garbage!

  • Peter


    I’ve seen Ozzy and Sleigh. They’re definitely going bigger. But they failed in completing the maneuver. If you think this is a half crap kickflip- blame Volcom. They didn’t define the rules well enough. Also, do you think Ozzy would have ridden one out had he just been trying to do chop kickflips? I doubt it. Above or below the lip-the trick is still hard has hell.

  • miker

    if i was volcom’s marketing guy….

    I’d give Zoltar 10 grand but not declare him the official winner – or give him 5 grand at least – then clarify the rule to state that the board must be a clear foot above the lip and then the contest keeps going – cuz i bet if you saw it videotaped from level ground on the beach, most or all of the board would have been slightly but barely above the flat shoulder section of the wave that the board was over.
    Something like:
    “it’s not what we were envisioning nor do we deem it the winner, but it IS the first entry we received where an actual kickflip is completed while surfing, even though we deem it to have not been above the lip – so here’s $10,000 – and the contest continues” (of course on the backend legal side of it would be to get him to sign off that in order to get the 10 grand, he relinquishes all claims on the title of “winner of the kickflip contest” or otherwise… cuz in some cases that title of winner might be as valuable as the prize money…

  • deejay

    mann that was sick….why people have hate and diss i have noo cluee kinda pathetic on there part….and ha the guy said it was fake…what a loser id like to see him try it…most of these people wouldnt even be able to paddle out…cant except that this was awesome..and has NEVER been caught on tape before…just saying thats alot of hate comments, lets see you go try that


    Everyone complaining about this is obviously a closet homo because your judging based on how it made the inside of your little metro belly feel. You would rather see Jordy or Dane or Ozzie get it because you all secretly wish you could bend over just once for any of those poster boys. But when you see Joe America do it you get very angry inside and jealous and feel like a teenage girl who just found out Joey Fatone is really a fat smelly guido. You want it bigger and over the lip but secretly you want it BIGGER and OVER THE LIP while giving a reach around. Youre all a bunch of striped shirt wearing gays with thier mothers smile and shaved legs who cant stand that a regular guy who isnt part of your richie rich gay club can do any manuever better than your boyfriends over at the Friends and Family store.


    IM just kidding. You guys are my heroes.