Corey Wilson is a very happy man.

His cheeks are dimpled and his eyes are usually thin with glee. Maybe it's just he way he's wired, perpetually pleased with life for no apparent reason, or maybe it's the fact that the nature of his profession requires him to be in some of the world's most stunning places photographing some of the best surfers in the world. And over the past few weeks, that place has been Australia's Gold Coast.

Day after day, swell after swell, the blessed stretch of coast saw too many flawless waves to try and recount. But one specific day at Kirra last week that struck a chord, a very magical one at that, and what you see below is a photo synopsis of the memorable sessions that followed.

So dive into the following images, say "ooh" and "ahhh", scroll down and then back up, and bask in some of the prettiest pixels you'll see all day. How could you not be happy about that?

All photos by Corey Wilson