A Recreational Vehicle VS Maverick’s

Just Up The Coast with Kerrzy and Damo

KerrAPhoto: Scotty Hammonds

Morning came too soon. It always does.

The RV is parked outside a school in downtown Oakland — cue the Mitch Coleborn Canada incident jokes as everybody woke up and relieved their bladders in the bushes — but it didn’t stay there too long. The sun rose big and bright over the bay and we were treated to a live performance of a postcard on our way to Ocean Beach. Charming, no?

IMG_4201.JPG.jpegPhoto: Scotty Hammonds

We arrive and it looks good. Or bad. Or alright, but only spottily and with a whole lot of awful required to reach it in the form of a torturous paddle out. You had to be lucky. Damo was — he got a good one and came in. Kerrzy wasn’t. His advance to the outer bar lasted over an hour (not exaggerating) and the only reward he received came in the form of two of the most average waves of his life. That’s life. But when the boys got in, we felt the magnet that is Maverick’s pulling us towards Half Moon Bay. That’s life too, maybe.

KerzyAPhoto: Scotty Hammonds

Kerrzy’s session started with a good wave and grew into many good waves (that man is a weapon) but it ended, hours later, with a trip through the rocks. He caught a bomb and figured he’d rode it far enough into the channel. He was wrong. And so he got flogged after flagging off a rescue Ski. There go two cartridges of CO2.

Damo was patient, cool, calm, calculated, aware, alive, fun, funny, wise the whole session. He got one of the best waves of the endeavor because of course he did.

The day, obviously, ended in cliche. The sun went sinking into the Pacific — same sun we woke up to, coincidentally, and its sky-paintings were just as incredible — and we had a little barbecue outside our temporary home. Hot dogs never tasted so good. They probably never will again.

Damo-KerrPhoto: Scotty Hammonds

From there, the RV went roaring up the coast. Way up the coast. There’s a whole lot of swell and even more open road. And I have to correct myself from my last post and state that there are actually three TVs in the RV. —Brendan Buckley