2015 Summer Boardshort Guide

BS-guide-2015Click this image to dive (headfirst) into a wild world of fabric and style and sometimes four-way stretch — our 2015 Summer Boardshort Guide.

Will a new pair of boardshorts make you surf better? The simple answer is no. Boardshorts will not make you surf better — dedicating a serious amount of time to riding a surfboard will. But does a nice watch make a good businessman better at negotiating? Does zinc oxide make a lifeguard from the 1980s better at saving lives in the 1980s? If I grow my beard long, slick my hair back, wear a long-sleeved collared shirt and tell everyone I’m in a band, will I get laid tomorrow night? Maybe! The point is that a seemingly trivial style item can go a long way. It can boost our confidence, boost our morale. It can make us feel good. And when you feel good, you surf good. And when you’re surfing good, there’s no sense in wearing ugly board shorts while doing it. See how everything comes together all nice-like?

Click here to see SURFING’s Magazine official 2015 Boardshort Guide and maybe surf better.