Baby Take It Off!: Eddie Rothman and Playboy

Eddie Rothman
Photo: Playboy


Baby Take It Off!

I spent many weeks, this past winter, traveling back and forth to Hawaii. I did not go for the surf, even though it was very fine. I did not go for the Mai Tais, even though I drank them. I did not go because I needed a February tan. I went because Eddie Rothman, the Eddie Rothman, told me he was spitting mad at the multinational farming giant Monsanto.

Monsanto, best known these days for genetically modifying corn and soy, among other crops, has many seed farms scattered across the Hawaiian islands. Hawaii is, after all, a giant greenhouse and they are able to produce two to four times as much seed by planting under that aloha sun. And Eddie does not want them there. He feels GMO is the issue of the day and he is doing everything he can to rid it from Hawaii.

His rage turned into a Playboy story. Eddie, me and Playboy make a very strange trio. But I find it a fabulous one. Read the story here…