Baby Take it Off!: Newsweek Kooks It



Baby Take It Off!

The final Newsweek glided off the presses early last week and it is an embarrassment to magazines everywhere. Bold, on the cover, it declares “#lastprintissue” like it is something awesome. Like it is ahead of the curve. Tina Brown, the editrix, goes further, reasoning in her introduction that the magazine will be more compelling online and better and more progressive and whatever. But it will not be. It will be ugly, meaningless nothing. Like her style-less frosted hair.

Magazines, you see, are meant to be printed on paper with ink. They are meant to be rolled and stuffed into back pockets and taken to the beach where neither sand nor saltwater destroy them. They are meant to inspire, while sitting in the sun dreaming of adventure and perfect barrels. Magazines are meant to be real and tangible. Not a figment of digital imagination. They are meant to be read and shared and read and shared.

And so, in response to Newsweek, I, as part of SURFING Magazine, would like to declare #newsweekisthegarrettmcnamaraofmedia #theymadeabigmistake
#theyaresuperantiquatedbutthinktheyareaweomebecausetheyhavetechnology. Don’t worry, dear readers. We will not fade you. We will not leave you drowning in boredom on your next flight. We will keep you inspired and you can even spill coffee on us.

#hereisto2013andallthesurfingmagazinesyouwillread #longliveprint #longlivegreglong.