Barkeep…Another Round! ­— Sterling Spencer

Sterling Spencer. Photo: MacfarlaneSterling Spencer. Photo: Macfarlane


Here are the five individuals, living or dead, with whom Sterling would drink if given the chance. Barkeep…Another Round!


daniel johnson

Daniel Johnston

I listened to his music for a whole winter once. His music basically sounds retarded if you don’t get it. But, once you get it, it’s magical. It sounds like it’s all played on toy pianos in his basement. I would like to have a long conversation with him that made no sense at all.


justin poston

Justin Postin

I loved Justin in Taylor Steele’s Goodtimes. He was so entertaining to watch. All the random stuff he would do in his sections was baddass. My friend VJ and I would write “WHERE’S POSTIN?” on all of our surfboards back in the day. Where is he now? He must be somewhere in San Diego hanging out with Barney and Keith Malloy. Probably singing, “I’m going hungry…going hungrrryyeee…”


kanye west

Kanye West

Everyone hates him, but I love him. I hope he would start a fight with me. Our fight would be for 3 days straight. Punch for punch. Kick for kick — old school fighting. On the third day, he would kiss me on my forehead and say, “stay sweet.”


dane reynolds

Dane Reynolds

Dane is our surfing indie god. I would love to share super-indie secrets and talk about our trials and tribulations. He would teach me later how to play the piano and I would teach him how to draw centaurs. On cloudy, foggy days, we would drive around and check surf spots. He wouldn’t say anything — he would just point.


Yancy Spencer III

Yancy Spencer III

My father died last February. I would like to talk to him — say our goodbyes and ask him what heaven is like. Hug him and tell him he did well.