Barkeep…Another Round! ­— Torrey Meister

Torrey getting loose in Central America. Photo: CareyTorrey getting loose in Central America. Photo: Carey


Here are the five individuals, living or dead, with whom Torrey Meister would drink with if given the chance. Barkeep…Another Round!


sion andy

Andy Irons and Sion Milosky

I would love to see Andy and Sion. I miss everything about those two guys. I miss watching Andy smoke everyone on tour and Sion taking off on the craziest waves I have ever seen. I would hope it could be a whole day rather than just a drink. It would take place at perfect Pipe, no one else out, just the boys who were super close with them. Everyone would be trading off on waves, laughing, cracking jokes, and having fun like old times. Then come in, to our families and closest friends on the shore. Everyone would be celebrating Andy and Sions life with cold beers and the best Hawaiian food you’ve ever tasted!

I would ask them what heaven was like and if the waves are better up there than on earth. Maybe talk a little about life and death, but for the most part keep it really fun and casual — just joke around about stuff like we always did. I think it would be the best day of my life with everyone who was there that loved Andy and Sion.




2Pac has always been my favorite artist. His songs and lyrics have always been passionate, deep, inspiring, and something I can relate to (except I didn’t grow up in the ghetto, I grew up at Banyans). It would take place at this karaoke/bowling/bar on the Big island. I know this drinking bowling game that can get pretty out of control quickly. You need more then two people, so I would invite a couple of my friends and he could bring a couple of his and the smack talking would begin. Once the game was over, everyone would probably be feeling pretty good. Then we would get some Hennessy on the rocks and head to karaoke. At this point, I would probably try to do something stupid like sing “Dear Momma” or “Hit Em Up” and hopefully get laughed at and not shot. Haha. I would pretty much just pick his brain, ask him about his life, all the drama with Biggie, and ask him the burning question, “Are you really dead?” If not, I would then get his number and cruise with him and Snoop, if he didn’t want to kill me.



Martin Luther King Jr.

Ever since I read a book in 5th grade on Martin Luther King Jr. I wanted to meet him. I think he is one of the strongest, most inspirational men to have walked the earth. It would be an honor to meet him. He always dealt with situations in a peaceful manner even during unfair times. Martin Luther King Jr. was a man that was able to change people’s opinions, a perfect example of the phrase, “A pen is mightier than the sword.” The times that I heard his speeches I would get chills up and down my spine, his words were powerful and he was heroic with his actions. I would have a drink with him immediately after his “I Have a Dream” speech. We would drink a dry martini overlooking the unity of the people he brought together.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.


Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Last, but definitely not least, I would love to meet Jesus Christ. I already know him on a personal level, but it would be awesome to see him face to face. It’s going to happen someday, so I’m not too worried. I would have all kinds of questions to ask him like, “I brought us two glasses of water, can you hook us up with some wine or like possibly a Long Island ice tea?” Hanging with Jesus would be the cheapest party night “EVER.” I would pull out a tape recorder and listen like I never have before. I would go over every topic that hit my mind from religion to war, heaven to hell, love to hate, and success to failure — just to name a few! At the end of the glass of wine, I would ask him to take good care of all the loved ones up in Heaven!

P.S. If for some reason Jesus is too busy to see me (and I would understand), I would want to have a shot of whiskey with Archangel Michael. While we were cruising, I would ask him about how great it feels to be God’s very own “Ass Kicker!”