Hurley Pro Wildcard Voting: On

Dane Reynolds. Photo: Jimmicane
Dane Reynolds, tail-high canvassing. Photo: Jimmicane

In days of old, the common man held himself with dignity. He was married to his morals. His opinions were unwavering and he had never even heard of a popularity contest. But times have changed, and so has this ideology. We now live in an age of confusion. An age where opinions waver and where the common man needs to be told what to do. We ought to fix that.

The Hurley Pro wildcard contest is a good place to start. The video-format event gave all surfers in the USA an open invitation to stardom. They were asked to submit eight clips, never before seen and not edited to music. The top 16 went live on yesterday, some of you voted and now we are down to 8. Some of you will vote again, and tomorrow there will be four. Thursday, two, and on Friday we will have our darling wildcard. The next four days are in your control.

We urge you to vote with righteousness. Realize that this is a not a popularity contest, it is an election. Choose the man best fit for the job and keep in mind that all candidates are strategists. You weren’t too impressed with the clips in the first round? That’s because everyone is saving their best clips for last — for Friday — should they make it that far. So as the contest moves forward, look for the level of performance to come along with it. And when you vote, know that the power is at your fingertips. Don’t let any social media campaign influence your decisions. Go for the guy whom, deep down, you believe deserves to win. Vote with integrity. Vote like the common man. —Brendan Buckley