InfluencING Blake Jones

Blake Jones. Photo: Jimmicane
Blake Jones. Photo: Jimmicane

Watching: I love to watch a lot of basketball. I’m a Magic fan so I watch pretty much all their games. I love going to the games — my girlfriend’s grandpa has given us tickets to a couple and I have never sat so close — it has been awesome. I have been watching a lot of shows on TV too — that SWAT show where there are different SWAT teams doing their thing is pretty cool. The shows that I have been watching a lot of lately are on Animal planet — Swamp People and Gator Boys. These people are so damn crazy catching the alligators and doing redneck shit. As for movies, I haven’t really been watching a ton of those. The new Kevin Hart stand up Laugh at my Pain is a good one though.

Reading: I don’t really read that much. Ever since I was a young kid at school, it used to put me to sleep. Reading stuff I’m not interested in just bores the hell out of me. However, I pick up magazines with interviews that may interest me. I love reading interviews and having people open up and not be afraid of what people think.

Browsing: I’m on the internet a lot at home. The website I probably look at the most is They upload videos all day — random weird stuff, new music videos, or just funny shit. Also, I look at, I like looking at peoples blogs too.

Playing: I play some golf although I haven’t been getting out there as much as I would like to lately. It’s such a fun game to me and Florida has some of the most beautiful courses in the world. I’m not good by any means but I still have a lot of fun playing. I’ve also been playing a lot of basketball. I shoot in the driveway at my house all the time or go up to the rec center or a local park.

Eating and Drinking: I live really close to Publix so I eat a lot of subs, fried chicken, or chicken wings. I also live really close to my parents and my dad is the best chef in the world. Anything he makes is always amazing. I’m normally a very plain person and really picky with my food, although I have been venturing out of my comfort zone lately. I drink a lot of water, I love beer, sweet tea and coffee.

Partying: I haven’t been going out. I like to just hang at the house and have a couple beers and listen to music. I used to like going out, but I’ve kind of lost interest. The last couple times I have gone out, it’s been to Downtown Orlando — which is fun. There’s a lot of cool places down there and it’s about an hour from my house. Nothing beats good company — no matter where you are.

Listening: I listen to a lot of different stuff. Traveling has opened my taste up because you are not always gonna have your iPod on. I mainly listen to hip hop. The stuff I’ve been listening to lately is Wiz Khalifas newest tracks. This guy A$ap Rocky is real sick too. Kendrick Lamar, Dom Kennedy, Curren$y and a couple others as well. I got a acouple friends who are on top of the music scene as far as having new stuff and I got a couple websites I go to, so I always have some new stuff to check out. The last show I went to was in the summer time. I went and saw Wiz Khalifa and that was pretty sick. I have seen him 4 times already. The first show I went to was like two years ago in Jacksonville Beach and it was at a tiny venue. I think max capacity was like 500 people and now he’s selling out arenas all over the world. Pretty crazy to see someone blow up that quick.