InfluencING Damien Fahrenfort

Damien Fahrenfort. Photo: Corey Wilson
Damien Fahrenfort living the American Dream via Newport. Photo: Corey Wilson

WatchING: I have been watching this series by Mark Wahlberg called How to make it in America — kind of fitting since I moved to America in search of the “American Dream.” Documentary wise, I love any nature shows. The cinematography is out of this world and I really appreciate the patience and process it takes just to capture a single shot. I was on safari in Africa and there was a crew from Nat Geo there. They where shooting a documentary on a leopard and the guys told me they take anywhere from 5-9 years to capture a single documentary.

ReadING: Been reading a book the ed. (Taylor Paul) told me about. It’s called On Writing Well. It’s pretty much about the basic foundations that a good writer needs. It’s taught me that I pretty much do everything wrong. I love biographies — people have incredible stories and it makes me want to make my life a bit more interesting. Just read the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series recently. They took forever but the stories where pretty good. Magazine wise, I mainly just look at the photos unless a story interests me.

BrowsING:! Every guy loves gadgets and this one has all the latest cool shit. Then all the surf blogs to check out what everyone has been up to and where they have been getting barreled. I have been trying to learn how to read the weather maps too, so I stare at these maps for ages online and see if I can predict swells. It’s not really happening for me but I’ll learn eventually. Dusty tuned me onto to for all his newest tracks and happenings.

PlayING: Modern Warfare 3. My gamer tag is dooma86 so if you play, add me. Just played a lot of Black Jack in Vegas. I hate it now and will never play that again. Music wise I love playing the piano. My dad forced me to take lessons when I was young and I fought him on it until he let me quit — now I wish he didn’t.

ConsumING: I don’t really spend my money on stuff I don’t need. I love buying surfboards and shoes. I couldn’t buy enough shoes. I got a epic new Toyota Tundra so most of my money goes towards its gas now. Ha! I ride my bicycle more now than when I didn’t have a car.

EatING and DrinkING: I can’t get enough Mexican food. If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be Mexican. I actually like the Mexican Mexican more then the California Mexican. I don’t why — I think it’s more about the flavors down there opposed to the over indulgence of cheese and sour cream in California. I try to eat healthy but it’s so hard — junk food is just so good in the U.S. and it’s cheap. I haven’t drank a Coke or any fizzy drink since the beginning of last year. I used to think americans were weird because they drank so much water — now I am one of them. Alcohol wise, I love a pale ale or any beer actually.

PartyING: I feel like there will always be another party so I don’t mind missing out on a big night. I am scared of hangovers with this older age thing happening. I would take drinking at the bar with some mates any day over the club with randoms. Maybe it’s because I have a lady friend. I did just get back from Vegas though and that was pretty loony. We went to this day club — it goes from 2pm – 6am. It was madness. People were dressed and going so hard while the sun was still up. I’m done for a while now.

ListenING: I like all music except country western and mega death. I listen to a lot of Lil Wayne and The Black Angels. Normally, I just search the internet for music. There are so many good songs out there by random bands I am constantly looking for music that no one else has. It used to be a contest between Jordy and I who could find the best new music first. If we think it’s hard to get a career going in surfing, I couldn’t imagine how it would be to be a musician. There are so many good bands!