InfluencING Dean Brady

Dean Brady. Photo: Lawrence
Dean Brady. Photo: Lawrence

WatchING: HBO’s Thriller in the Manila series based on Ali v Frazier definitely sucked me in. It was put together really well and I’m now a Frazier fan. I don’t watch a lot of television, the news is always depressing. So, it’s either sports or documentaries. The Australian Open of tennis was the last thing that got a consistent run on my tv.

ReadING: I’ve been so slack with my reading lately. It’s showing because I can barely string a sentence together.

BrowsING: Youtube, Facebook, Runamuk Visuals,

PlayING: I’m hopeless musically, but I love listening to it. Kendall Jackson and Rasta were teaming up on their ukulele’s in Hawaii — they were killing it! I admire anyone who can play an instrument. As far as sport, I play touch rugby every tuesday when I’m home and we usually try to get some games going in Hawaii. I also play a bit of tennis and golf.

ConsumING: I just bought a block of land and I’m about to build. So, for the next year, I’ll probably be eating rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

EatING and DrinkING: I mostly eat health food cooked by my girl. She’s really into it which I like; no one wants a fat girl. My guilty pleasures are beer, wine, coffee, pizza, and mexican.

PartyING: When I go out, I’m usually with my girl or mates or both. I love going down to the Noosa Heads Surf Club midweek. The crowd’s mellow and the view’s amazing. I prefer having a drink in the daytime so an afternoon session there is hard to beat! If I’m having a real crack, I’ll be at a friend’s house party. I rarely club.

ListenING: I love The Black Keys so their new album has been getting flogged. Taylor Knox also just got me onto Ben Howard. If you like cruisy he’s pretty hard to beat. Fleetwood Mac was the last gig I saw. Epic.