InfluencING Keanu Asing

Keanu Asing
Keanu Asing eyes up an exit.

WatchING: Recently, I been watching a lot of music videos — I love watching music videos. I’ve been watching heaps of Wiz Khalifa and Tyler, the creator music videos. I’ve also been watching this documentary on Michael Jordan — it’s called Michael Jordan to the Max — it’s a really cool and interesting. Talks about his whole life story. Can’t tell you guys too much about it — you’ll just have to find out for yourself! Haha. I really can’t wait to see the movie Project X. Looks Sick! Those high school boys will be legends forever!

ReadING: Besides reading surf mags, I’ve been reading lots of basketball magazines. I always usually get them in the airports before I hop on a plane. My most recent one is SLAM with Blake Griffin and Chris Paul on the cover. Love these mags. My boy is D. Wade though! He’s the shit! I don’t read too many books. I get my swag from music and basketball mags!

BrowsING: Im always on Facebook. What 18 year old isn’t addicted to Facebook! But, I’m always looking at and watching the highlights from the night before — just watching D.Wade do work all night. And I’m always checking out They always have new music and videos from Wiz to check out all the time.

PlayING: Ha! I haven’t been that talented yet to actually be playing music or instruments. Eric Geiselman dropped a couple beats to me on his garage band. I haven’t threw it down on the track yet. You guys have to check out his skills! He can rap!

ConsumING: Lately, I been buying shoes! I’m a shoe guy. Lots of Chuck Taylors! Black, white, red, whatever color I rock it! I don’t have a shoe sponsor so I can wear what I want! That’s my swag!

EatING and DrinkING: At the Australia Open of Surfing, I had been living off of Froot Loops and bananas! I love it — and sushi dinners. No dates, just me in my one man wolfpack! I’m a sucker for sushi.

PartyING: I actually turned 18 this year and went to the 18 and over clubs at home like SOHO and Clubhouse. I’m not really a party guy but, I like to have fun! I’ve been going with my school friends that I’ve known since I was young. I love hanging out with my friends at home.

ListenING: Wiz Khalifa and Lil’ Wayne are always on my playlist. I got to go to the Lil’ Wayne concert when he came to Hawaii. It was pretty fresh! I felt like a 10 year old kid at Disneyland! Lately, I’ve been listening and bouncin my head to Tyler the Creator. He’s a young guy and he’s coming in hot to the Rap world! I got to see him at the Big Day Out on the Gold Coast in January! He was going H.A.M. on stage! It was pretty sick! Zeke Lau got me hooked on this guy!