InfluencING Maya Gabeira

At the forefront of women’s big-wave surfing, Maya had a close one earlier this year during the Code Red swell in Tahiti. Taking several on the head after a cartwheel wipeout, a last-minute Jet Ski rescue assured her another breath. And boy are we glad that she took it. Ever wonder what a woman that surfs waves like that and looks like this is into? These are Maya’s influences.

Maya Gabeira. Photo: Taras

WatchING: I’m always watching movies. I stay in Hawaii for the season so I spend many nights watching them. I usually rent them on iTunes. The last one I watched was The Help. It was really good. It’s about women from the south in the 1960s that document their stories and they all work for rich white woman.  I watch House every  Monday to keep up with my boyfriend’s work.  He plays the role of Dr. Chase. They’re not a like at all in real life but I notice the small things that I believe actors carry with their characters.

ReadING: Right now I’m reading Steve Jobs (amazing book), and The Hobbit ……… My favorite magazines I like to read are Vogue, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and The RedBulletin, ESPN SURFING (I was really up to date when Taylor [Paul] was my roommate …harder now)

BrowsING: The internet is addicting, so I’m constantly browsing,,,, and

EatING and DrinkING: I love all food. Cereal, almond milk, coffee, poke, Thai, toast with almond butter and fruits.  It’s all  pretty much part of my daily diet.

ListenING:  I’ve been listening to all kinds lately. I love Jay-Z, Rihanna, Eminem, Adele, Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I recently saw Jay-Z and Eminem in concert at Yankees Stadium when I was in New York. It was amazing.