InfluencING Nat Young

Nat Young. Under the influence. Photo: Jimmicane
Nat Young. Under the influence but way above the lip. Photo: Jimmicane

WatchING: I have been watching a lot of football and basketball lately. I love sports. The 49ers are killing it and that’s pretty much everyones favorite team up here. Basketball just started and I’m a huge fan. there’s some really good teams out there which make it fun to watch.

PlayING: I have been playing a lot of golf lately. A lot of surfers from up in Santa Cruz are really good at golf, so it’s something I just got hooked on. It’s a good activity for when the waves are flat wherever you are.

ListenING: All I have been listening to lately is rap. I go through music phases and right now I’m hooked on rap. I love Drake he is my favorite artist. I listen to him pretty much all day everyday.

EatING: I’m a huge fan of mexican food, it’s my favorite food. I could eat it everyday of my life. We have a place here called Taqueria Hacienda that is by far the best mexican food I’ve ever eaten. Love.

ConsumING: I got a cool ukulele for getting 4th at Reef Haleiwa Pro this year during the Triple Crown. I’m not much of a musician, but it’s a cool trophy. This year for Christmas, I got a sick warriors hat. I’m a big fan of teams from my area, so I rep that.