InfluencING Peter Devries

Peter Devries. Photo: Lawrence
Peter Devries. Photo: Lawrence

WatchING: I’ve been watching plenty of hockey lately. The Canucks have been on a role so it’s a good time to be a Canucks fan! Dexter and The Office are my T.V. series of choice at the moment. I was blown away by The Art of Flight and the ski film, All I Can. They are on a whole different level than what we see in the surf world.

ReadING: I’ve been reading plenty of books to my son, Asher. Where the Wild Things Are and Thomas and Friends are some of his favorites.

EatING: Sobo restaurant in Tofino is where I’ve been eating. The food is amazing! Fish Tacos, Smoked Wild Fish Chowder, Thai Chicken Roti. So good!

BrowsING: On the net I’m always browsing the Environment Canada Marine Forecast and the Magic Seaweed forecast for home. The condtions change really fast this time of year so you need to be on it to get the best waves. I’m also checking SURFING, Stab and all the other surf sites to see what’s happening in the surf world. There is so much content flying around on the net these days it’s hard to keep up with it all. It’s great for someone like me who is so removed from the industry to be able to see what’s happening in the surf world on a day to day basis.

ListenING: My music selection is seriously lacking. If I want to get stoked before a surf I’ll just throw on some song I’ve heard in a surf video. The Joy Formidable has a few good tracks I’ve been into lately. Other than that, I have a few mix CD’s kicking around in the car.