InfluencING Rusty Long

Watching: As far as the TV goes, there are about four shows I like to watch pretty regular. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report are two of them. Those guys are masters of wit and really intelligent — I love how they take the piss out of all the ridiculous stuff going on that passes for news. I like Anthony Bourdain’s shows too. He’s always going to cool parts of the world, getting into the cuisine with no pretentious behavior like some foodies exhibit. I dig his humor too. South Park’s an old fav I always like watching too. I just got a couple of snowboard films as well — Jeremy Jones’ last one, Deeper, takes it to the next level with his hiking into heavy terrain. It’s epic — those guys are inspiring. The Craig Kelly documentary as well, Let it Ride. I saw it years ago and it’s an inspiring, moving film. He was such an innovator and master. Sadly, he passed away a bit early in life, but touched lots of people. Oh, and I’ve been watching the republican debates. I like Ron Paul. The other few do nothing for me but at least they are smearing each other already. It’s an important presidential election, so I keep up with that.

Reading: Time, Rolling Stone, Nat Geo, Newsweek, and the different surf mags, for magazines. The last couple books I read were, The Greatest Salesman in the World, by Og Mandino — a cool fable of an individual working his way up in the world by way of learning different virtues and traits that are rewarded by success. Born To Run, by Christopher McDougall — about long distance, endurance, trail running, and the race of humans. The Tarahumara Indians of the Copper Canyon in Mexico, that have lived there forever, are running a culture capable of incredible feats. Very interesting book — makes you want to go run.

Browsing: I’m always looking at Stormsurf, Buoyweather and Surfline for wave related stuff. Generally check out the NY Times for news. I’ve gone down the rabbit hole a couple times lately reading into 2012 prophecy/prediction/doomsday theory stuff. Of the greatest interest — in all of it is — the prediction of solar flares sometime in the next couple years. They’re suppose to be the strongest since a solar storm in 1859, which experts say would send electro magnetic pulses to earth that could very likely fry the satellites and fry the electrical grid. That would cause some disturbances, eh?

Consuming: Just bought myself a new mountain bike which is super smooth. Bought an aroma therapy oil diffuser for the house to get the good oil blends into the air. Also, just got an Enagic Water filtration machine too — makes the good alkaline water.

Eating and Drinking: On the standard smoothie program for earlier in the day. Usually Banana, Mango, Acai, Strawberry, Almond Milk, Coconut Water, something along those lines. Seasonal fruits and veggies too — lots of good avocados and citrus from the farmers market, which come from Fallbrook. Usually making more warm hearty meals this time of year too — curry and chile — those types of things. Haven’t been drinking much alcohol since the holidays — a Chimay from the tap here or there or a glass of wine. Thai food and Burritos are standards too. There’s so much good food in San Clemente these days.

Partying: I haven’t been out and about in a long time. Had new years at my house which was the last time I really had a party night. Been in surf mode with winter and all. There’s been a few evenings at the Outrigger though — good low key dive bar and free pool and shuffle board. Not really partying though. I could use a good electro show up in LA. I usually see a really good DJ during this time of year up there.

Listening: I’ve been listening to the latest Radiohead album, King of Limbs. They never cease to amaze. That’s been my album of this winter.