InfluencING Tanner Rozunko

Tanner Rozunko, double shakas in uniform. Photo: Duncan Macfarlane
Tanner Rozunko, double shakas in uniform. Photo: Duncan Macfarlane

WatchING: I’m always watching TV. Some people think it’s bad for your brain or whatever. I don’t care. I like shows like American Pickers, seeing all the old cool stuff they come across really revs my engine. I am also a fan of Seinfeld — I feel that they really cover every aspect of life — plus I think Elaine is hot.

ReadING: The last book I read was Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis. It was dark, disturbing, and depressing. I thought it was cool.

BrowsING: I now am a part of the 21st century and own an iPhone so I am addicted to all the useless social networking sites. I just can’t stop — I am weak to computer technology and it will ultimately become the downfall of the human race.

PlayING: I’m always playing music. I love being able to pick up a guitar or harmonica or whatever and make music. I probably annoy the hell out of everyone around me, for that I’m sorry. I like playing on my skateboard as well. Skateboarding is usually a good escape from all the title race talk.

ConsumING: Ah, my first world problem of consuming way too many things. I have a serious addiction to buying clothes that I really don’t need. Mostly leather and denim jackets, girly rings and things, boots, and stuff like that. It’s probably good that I don’t have much money, or I would probably have motorcycles and cars that don’t run and would be lying around collecting dust and making rust.

EatING and DrinkING: I don’t know why, but the only drink I enjoy is Dr. Pepper — I usually try and avoid places that don’t have it.

PartyING: I usually hate parties, all the people acting like idiots, jocks fighting, loud teenage girls yelling and throwing up from the over consumption of their flavored vodkas. It doesn’t really excite me. I like keeping it more mellow — just hanging out. Though, every once in a while I like to do some wild teenage partying.

ListenING: Currently, I have just been rocking out to the cool music scene that has been going down in Orange County and LA. So many good bands that have cool-punk-fun sounds and there’s always shows to go to. I just like guitars, drums and bass — the basics to make fun rock ‘n’ roll music.