“It Was Just An Average Barrel.”


By Phil Bannan

Making video parts is hard work — hazardous even. Floridian Blake Jones explains how filming for his innersection part led to a set of crutches.

SURFING Magazine: We heard you busted your ankle. Can you…er…walk us through what happened?

Blake Jones: Yeah, I got hurt down in Nicaragua. I was actually going down there to start filming for an Innersection part. That’s what I wanted to do for the next couple months. I pulled into a barrel and it pinched a bit, then opened back up before pinching a second time. The second time it pinched I got stuck too low in the barrel. I guess what happened was my back foot got tweaked as it rolled inward and popped. Obviously I knew something was wrong. It just sucked how I did it. It wasn’t a huge air or anything. It was an average barrel and if you watch the clip you can’t even tell where it happens. I couldn’t believe it.

Did you hear the pop?

I didn’t hear it, but I remember just feeling it pop and going, “Oh f–k” (laughs). It was definitely the most pain I’ve ever felt. The way the doctor explained it was that there was so much pressure being put onto my ankle that it popped. I ended up fracturing my fibula, which is on the other side of the leg, getting a chip fracture in my tibia, and having some ligament damage along with a sprained ankle. I actually got kind of lucky, because I didn’t get a severe sprain or bad ligament damage. Those types of injuries can take over a year to heal completely.

So was the trip a total bust?

No, not at all. I had a great time. Only surfed three full days. Got some clips that I’m psyched on. I stuck it out the rest of the trip on crutches, sat by the pool with some beers, and watched my brother and the rest of our buddies surf. The waves always look better though when you’re hurt.

How long are you out of the water?

The doctor said most likely 6-8 weeks. The bone fracture should be healed by then, but the ankle and ligament damage could still be a problem for another 4-6 months. The bone is the main thing. It pretty much cracked all the way across. It was barely hanging on.

Will we see you in the next round of Innersection submissions?

That’s something I’m still debating right now. Everyone is so damn good; they can go film for a couple months and come up with some ridiculous parts. If I do it, I’ve got a couple clips that are definite keepers, but some others are kind of average. I want to put 110 percent into it. So getting injured after three days of filming for my part is a bummer and kind of disrupted that whole plan, but we’ll see.

blake-jones-footYucky hoof.

The wave that did the deed:

ANKLE from Blake Jones on Vimeo.