Meet The Board That Won Filipe Toledo A Very Large Sum Of Money

IMG_9259_15’9” x 18 ¼” x 2 ¼” round-pin, “O.K. Model” by Sharp Eye Surfboards. Photo: Peter Taras

According to an Austrian brainiac by the name of Sigmund Freud, all dreams are forms of wish fulfillment. Victory. Donuts. Makin’ out with mom. All of them: deep-seated desires. Freud claims we should listen to and examine these desires. Filipe Toledo recently tore a page out of Siggy’s book. He listened to a dream, made a last-minute audible, and won the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast [and $100K] because of it. Thanks, Freud…or maybe it’s thanks, Oliver Kurtz? –Beau Flemister

SURFING: Tell us about this board that you won your very first ‘CT event on.
Filipe Toledo: It’s crazy. When I got to the Gold Coast, I was riding a 5’8” squash-tail Holy Toledo [Filipe’s model with Sharp Eye] and it felt great. Then on one of the lay days, a friend of mine from Guarujá texted me and said that he had a dream about me the night before. In the dream he said that I was kinda freaking out about boards, and that I chose my bigger backup, step-up style board with a rounded-pin. He told me that I rode it and won the comp on it.

Someone told you this…from their dream?
Yeah. He’s an old friend from my hometown, and I was like, “Really?” And honestly, not just him, but more than six different people told me that they had dreams that I won the comp, but I didn’t really believe them all, so I was like, “We’ll see.” [laughs] But I ended up taking this board, the O.K. Model, to a beachbreak — a board not really made for small, beachbreak waves — and it worked really well. So I felt like if it surfed those kind of waves well, it’d surf the point good too. And it did. It felt like a magic board.

IMG_9342_1Photo: Peter Taras

“O.K.” stands for Floridian Oliver Kurtz; do you know Oliver at all?
No, I know of him, but I don’t know him. Crazy, right? [laughs] I honestly still feel like the model is a board for better waves, more open-faced and powerful, for Hawaii even. I dunno why it worked so well in small, weaker waves, too. It just did.

Did you end up riding the same board at Bells?
Yeah, pretty much the entire time.

And will you ride this one at Lowers [Oakley Lowers Pro]?
Umm, if the waves are small and mostly lefts, I’ll ride the Game Changer, which has a wider nose and tail. But if the waves are a little better and glassy, I’ll ride the O.K.

When you pick up a new board, what’s the first thing you look for?
The nose. I like a little straighter nose, not too curved. I like it pretty flat around there. Maybe because when I’m landing airs, it’s better that it’s flatter with less rocker up there. More surface area, maybe. It might be in my head, but that’s the first thing I look for in an all-around shortboard.