My ISD: Bali, Part 2

jeron_kiring_win_1Jeron Kiring is the next big thing in Indonesian surfing. Just give him five more years. PHOTO: Myers

Words and photos by Nathan Myers

For a crew of impoverished 13-year-olds in a third world country, the groms of the Canggu Surfing Community sure have their shit together.

ISD just happened to coincide with one of their monthly club contests, which are set up better than a lot of WQS’s I’ve been to. Scaffolding. PA systems. Celebrity judges and new boards for the winner. They even have custom shirts printed for the event, courtesy of Deus Customs (a local motorcycle & fin company).

Top pros from around the world watched from the nearby warungs and were awed by the level of surfing from these young locals. The final was an impressive showing of the same kids you see on these waves every damn day: Koming, Jun, Soduk, and Hurley-sponsored, half-pint hotshot Jeron Kiring, who ended up winning the event.

Echo Beach Warung also chipped in for a round of free beers, but those all went to the judges. The Canggu boys, they cleaned up their mess and paddled right back out: windy or not, contest or not, holiday or not.

csc_kite_1Trade winds mark the start of the Indo surf season…and also the Indo kite season. CSC takes advantage of both for a bit of free advertising. (Advertising what? No idea.) PHOTO: Myers

canggu_clean_up_1The Canggu Surfing Community also plants trees, provides trash cans and runs regular clean-ups on their local beach…and they’ve never even heard of ISD. PHOTO: Myers