NSSA Cheat-Sheet: Brett Simpson

Brett Simpson. Photo: Nate Lawrence
Brett Simpson. Photo: Nate Lawrence

As the NSSA Nationals continue in Huntington Beach, we reach into the minds of past winners to extract the competitive secrets that bring home Nationals gold.

Brett Simpson (USA) –— 2009 US Open Champion / former NSSA master

“There’s no perfect strategy when it comes to Huntington; it’s a beachbreak. When I surf there, I try to find some corners with open faces and hope they connect through to the inside. Keep catching waves and stay in rhythm. Waiting for sets makes me feel lazy, and usually the bigger waves in Huntington won’t be the higher scoring waves. Keep that mindset of staying busy catching lots of waves to get into your rhythm.

Try and stay consistent to keep yourself in the game. If you could go out there and get minimum 6-point rides, then you are going to have a good chance to make it through your heat and do well. You have to surf four or five heats well to make the finals.

I’ve been surfing with Kanoa Iragashi quite a bit. He’s always surfing at Huntington and is more used to the wave than most of the other guys. I’m sure he’ll be one of the favorites. Other guys like Evan Geiselman, Conner Coffin and Kolohe Andino are surfing amazing right now too. The Thorne brothers surf beach breaks well and have a great coach so they could be a definite underdog to watch out for.”