Polaroid: Dylan Graves

The Pop In: Dylan Graves



Visitor: Dylan Graves
Date: May 7, 2013
Time of day: 3:45 p.m.
Pit crew: Mark Yonkers of Electric visual
Purpose of visit: Bring the team adult refreshments, some Electric sunglasses and a single pineapple
Ulterior motive: To sway SURFING videographer Sean Benik to pick Rupert Holmes’ “Escape” as the song for an upcoming edit on their recent trip to the Caribbean (as seen in our July 2013 issue of SURFING, on sale now)

Sean Benik was hesitant to use such a fruity song for a SURFING edit. As the rest of the team lobbied for the 1980 hit, associate photo editor Jimmicane was on the phone with Dylan Graves, and explained the debate. Jimmy put him on speaker and Dylan’s voice cut into the conversation, “ —are you kidding me? He has to! Ah, man. I’m coming up there right now and I’m gonna bring him a piña colada and convince him.” We laughed, thanked Dylan for weighing in and went back to work.

Forty-five minutes later, Dylan arrived with an Albertson’s bag filled with Pirate Bay pre-packaged piña coladas. Mark was kind enough to also bring us some shades. Protecting our eyes and damaging our livers — good guys, those ones.

After sipping our drinks and watching Knock it Off, a cult Puerto Rican surf film, on VHS, Dylan went on to explain the lyrics behind “Escape.”

“It’s about this guy who’s over his girl and so he looks in the personal ads for a new girl and there’s one about ‘piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.’ And he’s all excited about it and he responds and then they meet up, and the girl from the personal ad is actually his current girlfriend.”

This isn’t a hidden meaning. It’s right there in the lyrics. We’d just never listened to anything but the chorus. And while none of us really like piña coladas, or being drenched by a rainstorm, we all love the song. And now, thanks to a pouch of Pirate Bay and a little charm, so did Sean.

Enjoy the edit, Lava Lamp Brick of Swiss Cheese Deliciousness, early next week. Piña coladas recommended. —Taylor Paul

Polaroid is a new series comprised of a short tale about a surfer’s visit to our office and a Polaroid of said visitor.