Here’s What Your Spring Break Should Have Looked Like

9O1A9022Dylan Goodale. All photos: Nick Liotta

Luke Davis, Dylan Goodale, and Balaram Stack recently went on a “surf” trip to Cancun. Surf is in quotations because, well, it’s fucking Cancun. They certainly didn’t get the waves of their lives, but they sure had a good time. Here’s some documentation of the boys raising hell (and bar tabs) in Mexico’s best impersonation of Vegas. Dylan Goodale was our boots on the dance floor for the trip. Here’s his insight into the stories they snuck back through customs.

The funniest thing I saw… Daddy O’s nightclub has a weekly bikini contest. I figured it would probably be interesting and maybe a few would be pretty. Turns out a “Bikini Contest” nowadays is code for “Twerk Better Than Her.” Thanks Nikki! Girls were face down, ass up trying to sway the crowds vote. I still haven’t decided whether it was disgusting, arousing, or something in between but I’m 100% sure I almost cried laughing.

The craziest thing I saw… The people going wild in the crowd at Steve Aoki’s show. They followed his every move, jumped at every beat, and sang in unison the words to every song. I’ve never seen a crowd so in tune with the show. True fans. And Luke rode above them in a lifeboat on a sea of humans. Then they dropped him because they realized he had short hair and wasn’t even a little bit asian.

The strangest thing I saw… We were at a touristy beach bar after trying to surf on Cozumel, and the bartender came over and put down a small photo album in front of each of us. He winked and went back behind the bar. Inside, the albums contained photo after photo of newlyweds, grandmothers, and backpacker tourist women full on tits out with the bartender and waiters posing around them (a few waiters even pretending to lick them). The restaurants prized registry of flashed breasts.

The best thing I saw… Watching the sun rise over the Caribbean Sea while bodysurfing to the tune of a nearby beach party. Take in the beauty, rinse the soul, and run back to the music.

The most surprising thing I saw… On the last day when we drove to the middle of nowhere, snuck through a hotel, and walked over some rocks to find a wave that was actually good! I think it was a surprise to anyone who knows anything about Cancun. Thanks Justin Cote for dropping a pin 🙂

The coolest thing I saw… I stood up behind Steve as Luke pushed him into a little nugget on our last day. He rode that wave all the way through to the channel and I kicked out behind him to see an enormous smile take over his face. Seeing him that stoked on surfing was pretty cool.

The sexiest thing I saw… Two dolphins getting intimate in an adjacent aquarium while I waited for my food at a fancy Thai restaurant. I tried to avert my eyes but they are just so damn majestic! I lifted my glass and said my favorite pre-night out salute: “Cheers to sex, no babies.”

DSCF6702The bartender wouldn’t free pour our drinks so Bal grabbed a bottle of whiskey while she wasn’t looking and filled two cups to the top. Luke reaps the benefits of having determined friends. (See next slide)

DSCF6718ASP, (Association of Sapping Professionals) protocol dictates to take a short nap in cabs between bars/parties.

9O1A9108Luke, going whichever way the wind blows him.

9O1A9427This tree acted as the gateway to the restaurant that liked boobs.

9O1A0417“Man, that’s the longest I’ve ever seen it out there!” said the old man living above this hidden gem. We translated that into it doesn’t get good very often…

DSCF7227Psycho but cute but psycho.

DSCF7097Swaying iPhones, signs reading “Cake Me,” and a profound lyrical knowledge raised this crowd to one of the most interactive and excited I have ever witnessed. Kinda bummed I wasn’t in the mix and amongst all the energy with them. At least my view wasn’t so bad.

DSCF7004Louie and girl riding the Aoki fueled high sea of humans.

9O1A9782_1It was decided that dancing and jumping is cross-training for surfing. Cardoso Calfs and Foulkey Thighs. Here’s Bal, flexing.

DSCF6837I’ll see your Nikki Minaj and raise you a Miley Cyrus.

9O1A8380One thumb up for the warm, turquoise water. The other stayed down due to hungover surfing in near-flat conditions while dodging people and getting waked out by jet-skis.

9O1A8418Luke is the king of stylized float climbs.

9O1A8732Waiting for the ferry to Cozumel after having to pay off the local policia for reckless driving, speeding, and no seatbelt. $80.

DSCF6591“Cheers to sex, no babies.”

DSCF6695Sandwiches and smiles.

9O1A9176_1Bal whipping the fins in front of the death rocks and giant iguanas.

DSCF7247Nick, stop fucking taking photos!! Just kidding! Thanks for documenting the more presentable times of our nights! Best trip ever.