You Are Here: Ozzie Wright, Musician-Artist-Surfer-Father-Spaceman

Cosmic Cruiser

You Are Here, Nathan Myers

Words & photos by Nathan Myers

Ozzy’s painting rainbows. His creations used to be all vampires, werewolves and tortured junkie bunny-rabbits, but today he’s splashing Pegasus pink daisies onto cosmic bob-cut lovelies with laser glitter brain-halos and anti-fascism wormhole propaganda goop.

What’s gone Wright with Mr. Wrong?

Here in Bali, he’s been working round the clock in this blistering borrowed art-residency powering out paintings for his flash-bang Friday art show at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm. But that’s really just the tip of what’s he’s signed up for this week.

Tomorrow afternoon, his band the Goons of Doom are flying in for their first show in over a year. They’ll play four straight nights at different Bali hot-spots, surf a retro surfboard comp, host two separate film premieres, headline Ozzy’s art show, release their third album Revenge of the Goons, film a music video, crash a motorbike, torture a demonic monkey with flaming sambal hotsauce and a ride a purple unicorn into a flawless black sunset.

But I’m most concerned about the rainbows.

Rainbows and stars, lets go to Mars


YAH: What happened, Ozzie? Where are the blood dripping vampires and motorcycle-riding werewolves?
OSCAR BILLY WRIGHT: I think I’m just happier now. I fell in love and it all turned into rainbows and unicorns. Now we’re on this cosmic space adventure film trip.

That girl with the bob-cut in almost all your new paintings, is that your wife, Mylee? (who has a similar bob-cut)
Yeah, I guess so. She’s the only girl I even look at anymore, so when it comes to painting women I guess they all turn into her. They’re not all her, though. She thinks that’s a bit creepy.

How did you end up signed up for so many different events in a single four-day period?
I don’t even know, really. I came to Bali for a quiet family vacation and ended up getting involved in all these different projects. It’s all fun though. I love doing it. But I gotta remind myself that Bali’s not the place to go for a relaxing getaway anymore. Everyone’s too creative here.

Have the Goons been warming up for this Bali mini-tour?
[Laughs] We haven’t even seen each other in months. The boys get straight off the plane and come straight to the first show. Maybe it’s better that way.

But I thought you were releasing an album? Revenge of the Goons, right?
We recorded that album last year or something, but just never got around to putting it out.

Is it possible that you take too many things on at once?
Hey, I’m just lucky to have a job at all.

Ozzies’s eyes flicker with a moment of pirate-werewolf wisdom, then he turns to address one of two massive canvases he has yet to begin painting for Friday’s big gallery show. His brush is carved from a unicorn’s horn.


For those of you teleporting immediately to Bali, here’s the line-up of this week’s Goon-ish madness:

THURSDAY 8/23 @ Mantra, live w/ Switchfoot & Rob Machado
FRIDAY 8/24 @ Deus Temple of Enthusiasm, Ozzy Art show, and premiere of Jack Coleman’s “Cosmic Cruisers” & live w/ Mid-City Arcade and Mylee & The Milkshakes
SATURDAY 8/25 @ La Plancha, Ombok Bali Film Festival, live Goons of Doom opening for Taylor Steele’s Here & Now
SUNDAY 8/26 @ Single-Fin Uluwatu, Goonish sunset session ’til the moon turns bloods money