Sounds: Lotus Plaza

Photo: Lockett Pundt

Want to take a trip? Lotus Plaza can take you — and without the crying babies, cramped seats and rubber-gloved airport security. Press play and voilà, you’ve arrived on a deserted island complete with light-breeze guitar riffs and swaying tones of warmth. This shoe-gaze solo project is your personal jet plane and Lockett Pundt, guitarist of Deerhunter, is the ideal pilot. For Pundt, his mistress band has always been his way to undermine reality, an opportunity to whisk away the listener to another place and time. “I think I’ve grown as a songwriter,” says Pundt, “and now I write an album altogether with the intent of having a destination for the audience to go.”

Lotus Plaza’s second album, Spooky Action at a Distance, is a destination Pundt describes as “a time capsule, or a popcorn trail into the woods.” That jingling guitar, which has laid the foundation for Deerhunter hits like “Desire Lines,” is the same folk sound that drives Lotus. And although the two bands may seem cast in the same mold, Pundt claims Lotus is his own psychedelic personality — his dreamy, musical identity.

So pack your bags, climb aboard and prepare for some spooky action. You are now free to dance about the cabin. —Joelle Corey