Sounds: SWIMM


The band SWIMM, formerly known as Le Blorr, is made up of Floridians Chris Hess and Adam Whinn. They are particularly rad, create gorgeous music and wouldn’t ya know, can shred too. If you saw any or all of the six short films on our site, featuring each model in our 2013 Swimsuit Issue, then you’ve heard SWIMM. Their light and dreamy sound introduced each gal majestically. Now, let us introduce you to them. –Sean Benik


SURFING: Where are you guys from and when did you first start making music?
SWIMM: We are from Satellite Beach, Florida and we first starting playing together about five years ago.

We heard that you guys surf, is that true?
We grew up surfing in Florida and will go ahead and claim RC’s and Perkins as our home breaks. But playing a lot of shows in California has lent itself to being able to surf plenty of fun waves. We got lucky enough to surf a few times in Japan when we were there too, so in a funny way music has helped us surf more.

Who are your musical influences?
I think we draw influence from a lot of things other than music. If I see an amazing movie it will make me wanna write. Anytime I watch a P.T. Anderson movie we feel the need to create something that mimics the harsh reality/beauty of life he portrays so well in his films. We also draw from our own experiences. For instance, if we trip all night with friends, we might not write during that experience, simply because our fingers couldn’t be controlled. But we want to write songs that make us revisit those experiences and feelings.

Any crazy stories from the road or on tour? And groupies?
Hmmm. Well sometime last year on a tour in California we played in San Diego. After the show we were loading our stuff in the car and a girl from inside the bar came out back and said she loved the show and wanted to sing us a song. She was this tall blonde dressed in this tiny leopard print dress thing and had huge fluffy knee-high boots on. She started singing us White Snake and jumped on the hood of a taxi driver’s car that was trying to get through the small alley. He loved it and started filming with his phone. She was doing her best Tawny Kitaen, and it was both hard to watch but hard to look away. She sort of fell off the opposite side, then bounced right back up and ran over to us. She grabbed one of us and then a guy she was with grabbed her and they left. It all happened really fast. I guess the whole groupie thing is kinda silly. I like to think that a girl would just like me for me. The naiveté in that is comforting. But I did have a girl come up after a show once and say, “Would you like to f–k and then never talk again?” I just laughed. She said she was serious and to think about. I ran away scared.

Where are your favorite cities to play in and why?
Having a good show in Brooklyn always feels really good. It’s always fun to play in our hometown just because seeing my parents dance their hearts out is the best thing ever to me. Winston Salem is kind of a magical town in North Carolina and it is kinda like visiting a hidden heaven. The people there are absurdly welcoming and we love them a lot.

Plans for SWIMM in the future?
We release our first EP on April 23rd. Then we’ll be in California a lot this summer. After the summer we will be releasing more batches of music.

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