Your Weekend Should Sound Like This, With Aaron Cormican

Aaron Cormican. Photo: Jimmicane
Aaron “Gorkin” Cormican peers through the pier. Photo: Jimmicane


I like this video for the way it looks with the red, black and white — the song isn’t too bad either. Plus, Yukmouth is one of my favorites to listen to as far as rap goes, even though his part is kinda beat on this song. Hahahaha. I was actually thinking if I do try Innersection again, I’d like to use this concept.


There really isn’t much to say bout this except that it’s a classic country song about Florida back in the days. I heard this the first time when I was a grom from my pops. It has been one of my favorite songs of my life. Usually I will put it on before a surf when I’m on trips.


“Julian Wilson! He’s the new Dane — except with the drive to be the best — a lot like Kelly! He is ripping and the music on this video is cool. Lana Del Rey has a sick ass voice.


This is one of those songs that kind of reminds me how blessed I am to be doing something I love for a living. Also tells haters to step off cause I’ve had to work hard to get where I am at — since I wasn’t one of those kids coming up. So yeah, this is a favorite — living out my dreams!


This is one of those songs that never get old! One of my best friends growing up was a huge fan of TSOL and thats how I got into them. Now, when I hear this, it brings back memories of being a grom — being free. Thanks to him for that. Living in peace Matt Duffy.