Your Weekend Should Sound Like This, With Albee Layer

Albee on the wave of the day
Albee in deep. Photo: Quincy Dein
When there’s a big swell and I’m heading to the cliff to check Jaws, this is what I’m playing. It’s calming and amping at the same time. And, the music video rocks.


You guys probably think Matt’s [Meola] a freak of nature but it’s just in his blood. His parents did something right — his sister is an amazing singer and is going to be a big star one day. She sings with legends like Willie Nelson. Matt’s going to be so pissed when I marry his sister and quit surfing one day. [laughs]


Possibly my favorite band at the moment is The Distillers and the same chick’s new band, Spinnerette. She is just
so fu#$ing bad ass — it’s amazing. This song rules.


Jack White is the best artist of our generation I’m claiming. This is one of his many, many epic songs. This video
is kind of amazing too — I actually just watched it for the first time.


Oh, the song that restarted my little surfing career. My all time favorite band and song. We all get mad sometimes. I believe it takes acting crazy every once in a while to stay sane the rest of the time. I’m a metal fan at heart and always will be. I love Slipknot!!!!!