Your Weekend Should Sound Like This, With Chase Wilson

Chase Wilson. Photo: Tom CareyChase Wilson. Photo: Tom Carey


J. Cole – “Cole World”

This guy is blowing up! This is a good song if you’re feeling a little gansta’. My friend Michael Dunphy and I bump this in my truck before we go shred.


Iggy Pop – “Gimme Danger”

I was introduced to this song by some of my good Aussie buddies. We rocked out during my whole trip in Australia. Iggy is a legend. It’s a song that will definitely put a little pep in your step.


Calvin Harris – “Feel So Close”

I know it’s a cliche top 10 right now, but I just recently went to Coachella. I saw Calvin play this song and it was seriously epic! A fun song if you’re looking to get your dance on.


Miami Horror – “Sometimes”

This is a feel good song for me. I’ve probably listened to it over hundred times and it never seems to get old.


Brian Jonestown Massacre – “Not if your were the last dandy on earth”

This guy is a total whack job but makes killer music. It’s another great song my friend Matt, from Australia, showed me. I think it is in one of Kolohe’s videos on his website.