Your Weekend Should Sound Like This

Conner Coffin. Photo: Pete Taras
Conner Coffin. Photo: Pete Taras

Well, here’s my selection of a few of my favorite songs at the moment. I’ve been going through a bit of a punk phase lately so I had a really hard time leaving an Adolescents song off of here. Anyways, I really dislike rap and most of today’s latest and not so greatest. I would rather listen to a dog bark than hear Lil’ Wayne sing. In fact, he sounds kind of like a sick dog. This is what I will be listening to this weekend in lake Santa Barbara.

“Hope” by the Descendents

I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately to get psyched to surf, especially before a heat. It has a pretty catchy little sound to it.

“Look Back and Laugh” by Minor Threat
If you drink a big cup of coffee and then listen to this song, you will probably crap your pants but you will be so amped that you could go fight the crowd at Rincon. Oh damn, I just gave away my secret! This whole CD is insane. I was in Bali with Rob a few weeks ago and I never would have thought in a milliion years that he would listen to Minor Threat, but we agreed that they are mental and blasted it before every surf.

“Kiss Off” by the Violent FemmesThis is a really weird creepy little drawing in this video, but it is a great song. I really enjoy this band because there music is really different and raw sounding. Some of it sounds kinda shitty and individually, they play some odd notes, but the way it all comes together is really unique. I dig it.

“When the Man Comes Around” by Johnny Cash Johnny Cash is a legend. He has so many good songs, but this one is one of my favorites. It’s one of those songs that puts me in a good mood and is uplifting. A nice one to listen to when your on a drive and it’s a sunny day. Cash’s twist on country is amazing but some of the country music today I can’t stand. This will definitely be one for the weekend if the sun decides to make an appearance.

“No Class” by Motorhead These guys are bad ass and so is Bruce Irons. Every
time i hear this song i picture bruce getting blown out of pits at back
door and pipe. He’s the man out there and that section in the Bruce Movie
gets me so pumped to surf. Surf movie parts need to bring back this kind
of music. I’m sick of all the electro dance techno whatever you wanna call
it bullshit.

“Fade To Black” by Metallica I couldn’t leave this one off. Metallica will always be one of my favorites. This song is insane. Kirk Hammett’s solo at the end of this song is out of this world. I really like Metallica’s contrasts between mellow and slow to super heavy. I used to idolize these guys and only listen to them, but then when I started having anger problems- I decided i should mix it up a bit. Haha.